February 21, 1995


peace in your heart; Vassula-of-My-Sacred Heart, Flower-of-My-Passion, Offspring of-My-Father, I want you to be perfect;

where shall I find sufficient words to glorify You?
You have honoured my wretchedness
with Your stupendous awe-inspiring Presence.
Since then no task was too hard for me,
with Your Presence everything became easy and a delight.
You taught me that in Your right hand You hold the Victory,
and that Death was swallowed up by Life.
O Saviour so anxious to save and fortify,
Your graciousness visited me at night,
in the night of my heart,
to sing a Festival, rousing a corpse.
You put all Your Heart into Your song
out of love for all of us;
and out of me You made
a Harp before Your Altar ….
Let the music sound for our King, let it sound!
Let the music flow to the ends of the earth
and vibrate on every ravine, every mountain, and valley!

praise My Name always, like now! So that your only Love rejoices;

Vassula, strengthen My Church and I will strengthen your faith and soul; the little you give to Me pleases Me, the greater you give to Me delights Me! My Father never fails you, He always comes to your rescue; 1 I am always with you ….

Do not forget that I am dust
and that with one gust of wind, I am gone.
The Waters from Your Breast
are cascading over the mountains and into the valleys; 2
You are supplying water for all those who are thirsty,
and You are sending me across the hills to all nations to cry out:

“From God alone come victory and strength.”
Do not crouch out of thirst anymore,
stir your memories and recollect yourselves,
all you who lie in the dust,
for your Dew is not beyond reach.
You have forgotten who made you
but if you drink, Your memory will be restored! 3

“Oh come to the water all you who are thirsty;
though you have no money, come!…” 4

and I will say: listen, and your soul will live….

And now my Saviour,
You who count first in my life,
forgive my wretchedness and my failures.

beloved, I love you anyway;

Dissolve the mist around me,
Inexhaustible Treasure,
Thrice-Holy, Starlight of my Night,
Vessel of my soul, Pillar of blazing Fire
do not leave me imprisoned in darkness;
Clap of Thunder5 revive my soul
and grant me Instruction and Correction.

My company and My friendship will teach you with simplicity; take My Hand and together we will continue on the road I have prepared for you, so that I bring you to perfection;

1 I had noticed this myself too. God the Father rushes first to console me. – One day, under very heavy persecution, I went on my knees crying for help to Jesus. I wrote my complaint (using my charism) and instead of Jesus responding, God the Father rushed to me and consoled me promising that the next day “it will be arranged”. His word came to realisation as He had said. – I know the Father has a weakness for me but so have I for Him.
2 An outpour of the Holy Spirit.
3 Jesus helped me with His Spirit to write what I have written.
5 God’s Voice is like a clap of thunder: “A voice came from heaven, ‘I have glorified it, and I will glorify it again.’ People standing by, who heard this, said it was a clap of thunder.” (Jn. 12:28-29.)