February 18, 1995


You have educated me just like that.
Happiness is reserved for the wretched and the poor;
this is how I came to observe
what the eye cannot observe
unless it is given us from above.

peace be with you; I could not see the flower-of-My-Heart perish; 1 I could not see you struck with blindness forever, My Heart is your abode and your salvation; how could I see this cloud overshadowing My tent and remain silent? one blow with My Breath was needed to blow away what clouded My tent2

and now, one question: do you still want to continue with all that I have given you and evangelise with love for Love? 3

Yes, Lord.

say: “yes, Lord, but with a fire inside me, with zeal for Your House and Your Glory;” 4

renew then your vows of fidelity to Me5 and I then will renew My graces upon you …. I will continue to pour out My graces and My teachings upon you; please Me and satisfy My thirst, realise what I have given you; 6 My pleasure is to give ….

remind your counsellor7 how sacrifice pleases Me; generosity is also agreeable in My Eyes; I wish to remind both of you, how important it is to keep up with My pace, 8 the urgency of My Message; you are facing the dawn of the great events to come; put your heart at work; then, be gracious to one another; tepidness in your work displeases Me;

oh, what could I have given you more that I have not given you? I have given you this Inexhaustible Treasure that was hidden from the eyes of mankind and was revealed only to Gertrude, 9 this Treasure that left her heart in total rapture and her eyes captivated by the wonder; 10 this Inexhaustible Treasure was reserved for your times: the end of times; My Sacred Heart treasured these riches for your generation; now, do you understand why the devil has you, My Vassula, as his prime concern and his prime target for destruction?

Now I understand, Lord.

I will never fail you; work with Me11 and please Me; I am your Life …. pray, that the Evil one does not venture too close to your union12 …. pray for the completion of your work; pray and ask the Father to make you perfect; I, Jesus, bless both of you and remember: confide in one another, bless one another, be an example of what unity will be like! be one;

(Note: Saint Gertrude is often called the Great, as she was one of the greatest mystics of the Catholic Church. Though she lived nearly four centuries before St. Margaret Mary, she had a great devotion to the Heart of Jesus. Her book “The Herald of Divine Tenderness” is a living poem on Divine Love, a love always linked to the Sacred Heart.

One of the most famous of all her visions concerned the Heart of Christ. The vision took place on the Feast of St. John the Evangelist. In her book she speaks of herself in the third person.

A reading from Saint Gertrude:

“Whilst she was, as was her wont, wholly absorbed in prayer, the disciple whom Jesus loved so well, and who for that reason should be loved by all, appeared to her. She then said to him: ‘And what grace can I obtain, wretched me, on your feast day?’ He answered: ‘Come with me, you are the chosen one of my Lord, let us rest on His breast in which are hidden all the treasures of blessedness.’

“- Then he took her to our Lord and both placed themselves on our Lord’s Heart. This is where she discovered this Inexhaustible Treasure He was hiding in His Heart. When she asked the Evangelist why wasn’t this treasure given before or why hadn’t the Evangelist spoken of this Treasure, Saint John said:

“‘My mission was to deliver to the Church, in her first age, a simple word on the uncreated Word of God the Father that would afford the whole of humanity enough to contemplate until the end of the world, yet without any person ever succeeding in fully grasping it.’

“‘But to tell of the pulsations of the Heart of Jesus has been reserved for modern times so that, in hearing of these things, the world already old and growing cold in the love of God, may be rekindled and grow warm again.'”

(St Gertrude (1257-1302), Legatus Divinae Pietatis, Bk IV, chapter IV.))

1 In November 1985, when everything began (True Life in God), the angel Daniel, before introducing himself, took my hand and drew a heart and from its middle a flower.

2 All this was said in metaphors. What Jesus means is as thus. The cloud: darkness of the soul, obscurity. Tent: my soul. His Breath: the Holy Spirit.

3 My vows had to be renewed on the premises of the dawn of True Life in God.

4 I said it.

5 I did.

6 Jesus abruptly stopped and said what follows.

7 Fr. O’Carroll.

8 Jesus’ ‘step’ is rather swift ….

9 It was revealed to her by St John the Evangelist.

10 See the note at the end of this message.

11 Jesus smiled.

12 Fr. O’Carroll’s and mine.