February 23, 1995


(I was looking at Christ’s portrait.)

Author of Beauty
how can one not be charmed by You?
Wretched as we are and only capable of destruction,
Your love for us never fails.
We sin, yet we are still Yours,
giving us instructions
that although we are blotched with sin,
You, in Your ardent desire to grant us Your pardon,
will continue to pursue us as a Lover pursues his betrothed:
to conquer us entirely.

yes! what will I not do for all of you to conquer your heart entirely! so little is needed for your Saviour to make Him happy; even a mere look at Me1 rejoices Me;

I can make you Mine forever and My Sovereignty over you will transfigure your soul into a crystal-clear diamond, radiant and without blemish;

I tell you solemnly, unless you die to your ‘you’, you will not acquire eternal life; I am the light of Life; and you, daughter, remember: your brothers and sisters are still far from My Divine Heart which can render them divine, they are on their way to perdition and Destruction is gnawing on them without them even realising it! creation! you have only to will, and I shall descend upon you like a River, that ever-flowing Source coming from My Breast; ic;

1 That is when I had looked at His Portrait with love.