February 17, 1995


(Just before my meeting in Dhaka.)


Uphold me
and put Your words
constantly before my eyes!
Remind me of Your Teachings.
O Lord, let Your Words be before me
as a Lamp before my feet, not to stumble.

peace be with you; never have I failed you and I never will; 1 Vassula, ssshhh listen to Me2 …. lean on Me as you have leaned before and I will guide you and through you others! we, us? ic;

(God brought me back to Bangladesh where He first spoke to me. He brought me to the premises of my conversion, and where ‘True Life in God’ began.)

My Vassula, I bless you; come, My Spirit is with you and will be with you so that you, as My Echo, then will be able to give My Celestial Manna to everyone;

My coming here again with you, was so that I bless through you the premises of the Nature of your being; by this I mean, of your being in existence and alive! 3 I, Jesus, came to you in your poverty, in your misery, to lift you to My Heart and make you the living sign of My divine Mercy; allow Me now to speak through you and give My graces in these meetings; reap with Me this rich harvest you have not prepared;

pray without ceasing and honour Me; keep Holy My Name; I, Jesus, am with you;

1 I wanted to say something.
2 This was said very softly and gently.
3 Before my conversion I had ceased to be and when God converted me I began to live.