February 8, 1995

Who is there to have compassion on us
and grieve for us if it is not You?

We are still hoping for Peace,
this Peace Your Beloved Son has bequeathed us ….
We have sinned against You
and against all the powers of Heaven.
We have ceased to be,
because we have rejected Your Holy Name
that is our identity: Source-of-Life.

And now, this Great Revolt, this Apostasy,
is eating Your House like cancer.

O my Yahweh!
Brighter than a million suns,
how can man not notice
Your brilliancy passing by them?
How can one say:
“There is no proof of Yahweh passing by.
No sign is seen on His passing.”

You are like an arrow shot at a mark,
yet although they have eyes
they cannot see that the arrow has passed them by
and is already on its target.

O our God, You are our Hope,
come now, this year, without delay,
to restore Your broken altars and rebuild Your cities
and Your House.

ah Vassiliki! stop your sighing, I have heard you; My Hand is stronger than My enemy’s; comfort shall be given to you soon, and I will redress My people and refresh your priests; I will restore My altars and rebuild My cities;

yet, I have to discipline first the lawless who are champions when it comes to villainy; they swallow apostasy as though they were eating the Bread of Life; even today, were they to repent I would show My favour and My pardon graciously to them, but I hear nothing from them …. how can I abjure My fiery rage and retract My Justice since this generation continues to give great honours to the devil?

I am known to be good and forgiving and most loving but who today of these apostates invoke Me, calling Me: “my Father;” thus a tempest of fire soon will sweep away this iniquity and sin; no one of you knows that Day, and if any one says, he knows, he does not come from Me ….

I will visit you in a time you least expect Me, an hour without a sign; suddenly, unexpectedly, you will be visited by a hurricane of a flame of devouring fire; what you are waiting for will come; I will speak and when I will speak, My Voice will melt the elements of the earth together with its iniquity and sin; I love you all with an everlasting love and My affection for you is beyond words, but is My Name to be profaned forever?

what I am about to do grieves Me and overwhelms Me with sorrow since I take no pleasure in afflicting you; in My displeasure I will have to redress you with fire;

groan, daughter, for the unrepentant; I shall accomplish My intention and I shall carry out My Plan till its end; as for those who did not close their ear to My Voice and defended My Word, I tell you: do not grieve, My Eyes see all, and I will judge each of you by what he does; as I reveal things beforehand I will reveal to you what My right Hand will do just after My Day; My right Hand will lay the new foundations of earth and heaven, and once more I will adorn the remnant left with My Splendour and My Divinity; so, daughter, there is hope for your descendants; I am your Hope;

I will make many return to Life, and will bear My Son’s New Name on you; and you, daughter, intercede for My House, take care of My Interests and I will take care of you; My Spirit has been given to you to apply My Laws, to love justice and to bring My sons and daughters from far away; I have taught you and have given you a disciple’s tongue to be My Echo and to put My Kingdom in their hearts; in your eyes, Paraskevi, 1 I have given you My Light; in your soul I exhaled a perfume of resurrection, I have breathed out a scent of myrrh, and in the tabernacle2 of My Son, I have perfumed it with incense3 ….

– and now, listen to your Father: 4 My Soul is overcome with grief but at the same time, by compassion; I have spoken, but very few listen, I knock5 and no one seems to hear, what am I to do if no one listens? I have spoken Hope, daughter, to all of you; yet when I speak today, which is the Hope you were all longing for, My Word is no sooner given than concealed; the seed of Hope I sow is taken away and hidden …. I speak and wait for a response, but My Word is not heeded, yet;

I am the Hope for faithless hearts, but at the same time, the Sword that cuts hearts apart; so many hunger for My Word…. 6 but why do men conceal the treasures I am pouring out on them? if My Soul is overcome with grief it is because My Cup of Justice is brimming over now, over-flowing on My Hands which are ready to strike and give a scourge to this faithless generation as never before, then, as I am Father, I will, with compassion and tenderness, heal the wounds I will make by those same Hands that will strike …. this is the great Hope you are asking Me for;

I will come to bring everyone home and heal their wounds; as I am Father, I will attend My wounded children, I will attend their needs, then they will know that from the beginning they were Mine and that

I Am who I Am is Father and Lord;

I will bring their lips to proclaim: “blessed is our Lord;” and once again they will proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven; they will proclaim it like never before because I will give them a new heart …. so do not be astonished when in these last days men are arrogant and betraying one another; do not be astonished by the multitude of false prophets rising and the propagation of errors and the distortion these false teachers do of Scriptures ….

no, do not be astonished, My child, of men sneering now at you when you still say: “I believe in My Father in Heaven; I believe in one God, Father of all; I believe in the glorious living Presence of His Beloved Son in the Eucharist; I believe in Jesus Christ, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary;”

no, daughter, they do not believe in My Son’s Resurrection nor in His Divinity …. I tell you: be in peace among fury and in tribulations remain in My Peace; spread My Peace; never allow your heart to be troubled by the cruelty of men …. I am with you even though you do not see Me, My child, I am with you; My Son is well on the way by which He left, to be among you; so courage! courage, and do not be afraid; put your hope in Me and no one else;

I am Yahweh, your Abba, and I promise you to bring you home; so, go and demonstrate My Power and My Mercy; I am with you: go, go and tell everyone:

“help comes from God, hope comes from God;
turn to Him and He will save you;”

I bless you, Vassiliki, honour My Name always!

1 God called me with my second name which was given to me after a vow my mother made to our Saint Paraskevi, a saint for healing eyes.
2 “The tabernacle of My Son” means ‘us’, for when we receive Communion, Jesus enthrones Himself in us. We are all meant to be live tabernacles of Christ.
3 Incense drives Satan away. God had to perfume me with incense to purify me and receive His Son in the most perfect condition.
4 Suddenly God spoke very intimately and in a very paternal voice, just as any father who is filled with grief and wants to confide it to his child.
5 “Knock” here has a double sense: “knock down”, too.
6 Suddenly, God uttered that question as though speaking to Himself, alone, putting His thoughts openly.