February 1, 1995

(Croatia – Zagreb)

write: peace be with you; all day long I have been with you and have been stretching out My Hand to you: My people, My heritage, My seed, turn to Me, make peace with Me; make peace with Me …. 1 I have loved you from all eternity; return to Me and I will return to you; sow a harvest of love to obtain love; sow a harvest of peace and you will inherit My Peace; sow, blessed ones of My Soul, a harvest of reconciliation and you will obtain My Glory ….

do not weep over material things, 2 lift your eyes to heaven and let your heart seek My Celestial Laws so that through these My Kingdom in Heaven comes in your hearts and My Will be done in your hearts as it is in the hearts of all the saints in Heaven; – to this day I cry out as I once cried out in Jerusalem: “if you only knew the Message of Peace I am offering you still today, you would not fail to seize it!” – but these things are hidden from the learned and the wise and are revealed to mere children; the Kingdom of Heaven is revealed to the simple and the humble;

set your hearts right and you shall have your reward in the end and if you say: “what can we offer You now?” I tell you: “offer Me your heart, and I shall help your lack of faith, open your heart and I shall turn it into a heaven for Me, your God, and in which I can be glorified;”

come and eat from the fruit I am offering you today while there is still time; come to Me; your Master is well on the road of return, this is why I am telling you: make peace with Me and be one in My Name;

I bless you all in My Name, leaving the Sigh of My Love on your forehead;

1 These words sounded like a plea. Jesus sounded as a beggar.
2 Jesus’ Voice was raised when He said that, He said it as a command but at the same time as a reminder that nothing is important of this world, but one should search heavenly things.