January 13, 1995

Lord, do You think I was slow to speak? Have I recited Your marvels as You wanted me to? Jesus?

I Am; remnant, I give you My Peace!

sorrowful never be when a door is shut in your face; I am with you, so do not worry, My child; you can never witness for Me without being persecuted; everything you do, even though it might appear small and not powerful, does not go in vain; the trail you leave behind will be marked and from thereon it is My Work; so, little one, courage; I am always with you …. so, this is how My Father has favoured you;

What shall we do today?

pray, write and adore Me, nevertheless never neglecting your household duties, which have their charm too for Me; this is what I want from you; I will give you strength to be able to honour Me accomplishing all these things, so now let us write!