January 12, 1995

let Your Voice be heard this year as never before.
How long Your people are they to cry for help?

The Tradition You have passed onto us
is losing its hold.
The Truth is blasphemed daily
and the apostate man gets the better of the faithful.
Surely You see all this horror.
How long, Yahweh, are we to cry: “Oppression!”
to the heavens, and You will not descend?
Our injury is grave and You are the remedy,
so, will You not let Your Voice be heard
this year most powerfully?

The apostates are already confiscating Your Son’s Sacrifice,
are You still not going to come and stop their mischief?
We are being slowly stripped of our Salvation
and You, my Lord, are You going to remain silent?

We are ordered not to prophesy in Your Name
and are forced out of Your House;
we are expelled and dashed upon,
when we witness Your Love, to keep silent.
See? See what great disorder
they make out of Your Holy Sanctuary?
See how Your Spirit is blasphemed daily?

When Jonah cried out, in his distress, to You,
You answered him.
When from the belly of Sheol he cried to You,
You answered him and he heard Your Voice.
Today, my God, has our lament not been heard yet?
Has it not reached Your Ears?

When Jonah was swallowed by the fish
he remained in the dark for three days and three nights.
What about us, Lord?
Are we to remain in this darkness forever?

You are known to accord justice to the poor in spirit
and uphold the good man’s right,
turn then Your Eyes on our misery and save us!

My peace I give to you;

My child, hear Me and write: I will hasten My Plan for the sake of this remnant, so stay awake because you do not know when I will be heard by flame …. and My Holy Spirit will be poured out on many; when there are some who despair, reassure them, reassure them that their Father in heaven will hasten His Plan;

soon, and that is your soon, 1 I will speak and My Voice will be of flame destroying those who are destroying the earth; 2 be vigilant and patient, it will not be long now before My words will be fulfilled;

I will judge fairly;

1 My soon is a human soon. God’s soon can easily pass 1,000 years!