January 7, 1995

(Orthodox Epiphany)

My God, Yahweh, Eternal Father,
You who so patiently wait for our conversion,
come! Come and feed all of us with Celestial Food to satisfy our needs;
You are known to have a generous Hand,
Righteous One, come and save us!
Turn the wicked man’s heart into a kind heart
so that he too shall assert Your greatness.

Yahweh, My Tenderhearted Dad,
the world does not yet know You entirely,
not the way You really are
and only with a demonstration of the power of Your Holy Spirit
shall mankind realise the greatness of Your Name
and extol Your splendour of Your glory.

Yahweh, Father of each one of us,
let mankind learn Your acts of mercy, tenderness and graciousness;
remind them Father,
that the majestic glory of Your Kingdom belongs to them too
were they to have the right heart.

I have passed on Your Words to every nation You have sent me
and I followed Your command.
I have, within my limits, made Your Loving Portrait
known to them again, the way You revealed It to me,
so that they too rejoice and realise
that they are Your offspring and Your seed.
I followed Your instructions
and reminded them that they too are from royal descent.

Holy Father,
as You are continuously sending me out
to proclaim Your Love Hymn, by voice, as an echo,
to share Your Love Song with my brothers and sisters,
I pray for those who still are unaware
and living in a world of oblivion and darkness,
that Your Holy Spirit may shine as a thousand suns in one in their spirit.
Yes, let Your Holy Spirit,
who outshines all the constellations put together,
turn every soul as an untarnished mirror, an image of goodness,
before they disappear as though they had never existed.
Once restored, they too will go out with zeal in perfect virtue,
to proclaim a visible image of Your Splendour and Your Sovereignty,
for they would have acknowledged what is most divine.

Source of Life, Fountain of Eternal Life, Spouse,
Your closeness to me awakened every fibre of my wretched heart,
enabling me to penetrate into Your mysteries
and into Your inexhaustible riches.
How could I be counted, in my wretchedness,
as one of Your heiresses?
Scarcely born I sinned and I ceased to honour You,
I sinned and I ceased to be.
The clay You had fashioned had turned into Your enemy.
Your altar had turned into a haunt of the lizard and the spider,
a mark of ill-disposition and evil,
clearly straying from the Divine Truth.
O feeble soul!
with so very little time to live on earth!
what had you become!
The light of justice was ready to strike my soul;
Yet You, in Your desire to free and to save,
were far stronger than Death itself,
the powers of Darkness and Corruptibility,
and You flowed on me, Father, like a River,
healing what was considered fatally wounded;
raising what was taken for dead and decaying.

And Your teachings, Lord,
accompanying Your visitations,
already now are exceeding the scope of my human mind.

My Father, You are compassionate and merciful,
forbearing and forgiving,
so do not avert Your Eyes from us,
but lead us all back to You in the straight road.

daughter of My choice, I give you My Peace …. I will grant your prayer, but when My Love is rejected, what am I to do? I am taking all means to save you from the blazing fire and I am going in all directions seeking by what means I could save all of you;

Your Holy Spirit is the Breath of Life.
He lifts us, revives us
and graciously makes us
penetrate into Your mysteries.
Your Holy Spirit turns us into live and sacred Tabernacles,
a Throne for the majesty of Your Son,
a reflection of Your Image
and into heirs for Your Kingdom.

Father, allow now the heavens to tear open this year
so that they pour out like never before
Your Holy Spirit on us,
then, we will all learn to love heavenly things
and in Your Presence, we will rejoice.
The dead bones will flourish
and once again praise You, adoring You.

ah, 1 My child, I am glad to hear your eagerness considering your wretchedness; I will keep My Promise: I will pour out My Spirit as never before in history on all mankind to deploy His power from one end of the earth to the other, ordering a renewal and a revival of My Sanctuary …. 2

yet, My Vassula, not everyone is worthy of My Kingdom; My forbearance is great but My Justice is just as great; I will have to unleash before an exhaling fiery breath, to restore Justice; I will have to, My Vassula, destroy the Beast and its followers by ejecting from My Throne peals of thunder and flashes of lightning to crush the godless and the empire of this world; My Justice will pursue all that does not come from Me;

I am mild in judgement; had I not been, none of you today would be alive, I could have destroyed you all at once; but, as you see, see how slow to anger I am? who would then venture and say: “what have you done to us?” when My sentence on this earth I will pass? all these years I have been correcting you little by little and I have been giving you all the chance to repent, but so many of you from the beginning gave greater honours to dead things than My eternal glory; gold and silver3 charmed you and you have taken a liking on these things, excelling the honours due to Me ….

I shall protect, though, all those who will repent and I will preserve the germ of a new generation for the ages to come; lovers of evil and perverted mankind will not go by unpunished …. everyone will be called in front of My Throne to give an account of the way they led their life;

daughter, this short privation of receiving messages4 was so that you atone for the sinners; endure pain5 without complaining, I need acts of reparations, I need generous souls, see how generous My Son was with you? beforehand He announced it to you, 6 so do not doubt of His generosity; come, allow Me to use you to restore My broken altars; I shall multiply My favours so long as you look after My Interests and My House;

God-is-with-you, so do not fear; I am with you; I am bound to those who love Me; come, I bless you;

1 A sigh.
2 I understood it as: God’s people.
3 God means: money.
4 God prevented me from being under dictation, which in a way is my means of communication.
5 The wound on my right side.
6 On December 26, 1994, Jesus said He would give me a sign of His Passion on me.