May 19, 1987


I am; Vassula, remember this guidance is from Me;

Do You know, Jesus, what I long for?

I know daughter,

I sometimes wish that this grace You have given me to meet You in this way, and the grace You have given me to see You with the eyes of my soul, could have been just for me alone, You and me, me and You, and I would have felt so marvellous, nothing to worry about, showing no one our secret.

(I sighed.)

daughter, I have asked you whether you wanted to work for Me and your answer pleased Me; let Me remind you that you are My beloved soul through whom I will manifest Myself and desires, for this is My Will;

But My God, without offending You, Your Word can lay heavy if it’s not unloaded. What can I do?

beloved, will I not help you, I am the Lord;

“brothers, read My Message, fill Me with joy and remember My Works, believe in My Infinite Wealth and Mercy!”

Vassula, follow Me, I will lead you; little one, I will give you My Strength, never leave My Hand;

My God … what do you want from me …

Vassula, I want love, love, love; My Body aches from lack of love, My Lips are parched for thirst of love; I want to use you, little one, as My instrument for My guidance;

My Lord, may Your will be done, may You fulfil Your desires.

beloved, lean on Me, listen to My Voice, never feel alone for I, God, am with you;

(I felt somewhat consoled.)

Lord, shall we start the day?

come, I will; lean entirely on Me; I am guiding you;


(Babette came. She talked to Jesus, the three of us were together. Babette did not need to ask her question aloud. Her mere thought passing through her mind was instantly answered, with His own handwriting. Jesus by this is stimulating us about His real Presence and He is calling us to become more intimate with Him and remember His Presence, loving Him.

I must admit that I was impressed, Jesus meeting Babette in this way …)

lean on Me;

Jesus, my friend asked me to ask You, why don’t You come to us again? Just like before, in flesh? So that people change.

ah, Vassula … I will be coming back; every dawn that breaks is closer to My coming to you Vassula, do you know what that means?

Tell me Lord.

Love will return again, Love will be among you once more, Love will bring you Peace again; My Kingdom on earth will be as it is in Heaven; love will glorify Love; I am soon with you, My beloved; pray for the time is near;

will you, little one, still work for Me?

I wish to hear Your name.

I am Love;

Yes, I shall work for Love; in my incapacity, depending on You entirely.

I know you are lost without Me, beloved; you are My flower which needs My Light;

I’m so happy!

O daughter, I love you to distraction! lean entirely on Me; I will augment your knowledge of discernment;

My Lord! Are You augmenting my feelings to feel You and see You and hear You?

I am, you will feel Me and will be able to discern Me more;

My God! Why all these graces upon me? I’ve done nothing to merit anything!

I know but I love you, do not forget though who you are;

Please help in reminding me, Lord.

I will prevent you from becoming elated by all My given graces, by reminding you of your wretchedness; I will remind you that all the graces you are receiving from Me, are for My own Glory; every grace you receive from Me will be for My own interests and not for your own; so draw from My Heart and fill up yours; I want My altar to be constantly ablaze; live for Me, breathe for Me, be My own for all eternity;

(I will for God.)

My God?

I am, love Me and look after my own interests;

Lord! … (I sighed.) I, a zero, and You know it, Lord. Do not trust me, please.

let Me act in you freely;

come, I will satisfy your question; Love will return among you as Love; we will pray together,

“O Heavenly Father, Father of Love,
come to us, delivering us from evil,
Father love us
and allow us to abide in Your Light,
do as your Heart desires,
may Your Name be glorified,

allow Me to use you,

Permit me and let me hear Your name again.

I am Jesus Christ, beloved, Son of God; all I ask from you, Vassula, is love and to share My Cross of Peace and Love together with Me;

Yes, Lord.

daughter, never leave My Hand; love Me, daughter;

Teach me to love You the way You desire us to love You. If you want, let me love You the most in the world.

You are smiling!

I am so happy! do you wish to do this for Me?


beloved, with Me you will learn; are you willing to suffer for Me too?

For the Lord, yes, if He wants it that way too …

then all will be done according to My will;

(You know what’s good for the soul so I will depend on God.)

I am God; come now in that special place I have for you in My Heart and remain in there;