May 20, 1987

(Sometimes I surprise myself, why do I get this urge to meet Jesus in this way? Why and how and for what am I keen in writing, hearing His messages? For all these months it’s something that has become indispensable.)

I love you; it is I, Jesus, who gives you this urge to meet Me; Vassula, love Me always; I will tell you, sister, My desires;

(Jesus was so tender, a sad look was on His face.)

I wish to unite all My priests; I desire from them to love Me more; I want from them purity, zeal, faithfulness; priests must understand that unity reinforces love, unity establishes love;

for how long will discord reign among them? love is unity; My love unites them to Me; My Church is weak with their discordances My desire is Unity; I wish that My Church becomes one;

But Lord, if You say there is discord, someone will have to give in. How will they know?

they must pray for enlightenment; they should come to Me and draw from My Heart;

Whom are You referring to, Jesus? When You talk about them and they?

all My Church; I desire them to unite and become one; My Church has weakened because of this distinction; It has weakened enormously;

My Lord, to me this sounds like a new message.

I will enlighten you, Vassula, by showing you, in small phases, the way I work;

First, the teachings to me…


…then training, then the Ecclesiastical Editions, of Peace and Love, then guidance of Peace and Love with messages?

yes, Vassula, and now My desires, My desires of uniting My Church; how can a body function if one or two of its members are disabled or injured or dismembered? would it have the same capacity and strength as one which is whole?

My Church is My Body; how can My Body function if they disable It? daughter, draw My sign,

this was the sign of the first Christians; love was one; love was united;

Jesus, I know that Easter is in different dates. Can You tell me which is the right date? Ours or theirs? (Please give it to me on a separate paper.)

Vassula, take a paper then;

Thank You, Jesus. (Jesus gave me the correct date for Easter.)

come now let us join in prayer; a prayer to the Father for Unity:

I come to You
and ask You to enlighten Your sheep,
enlighten them to find Peace and Love in Unity,

unite My sheep, Vassula!

Jesus, who am I to unite and know anything about priests and their discussions and what is going on? Who am I to tell them on a piece of paper what is written and to tell them that it is You who wrote it?

Jesus, You are giving me messages, You are telling me Your desires of Your Heart. Lord wouldn’t it have been easier to have given everything to someone of the Church, in the Church already, someone who has access to all the high authorities, someone of renowned purity and trustworthy? Lord, You have indeed picked up on one who is crippled and discouraged by half of the priests who know about the writings, they are half of them disinterested to follow-up. I am tired of wanting to show them, since I know it bores them and annoys them. What to do?

this, Vassula, is what your shoulders bear; this is My Cross on you; I will share It with you, never weary;

Lord, how will Your message reach the right ears? I’m an outsider.

It will; It is like a rivulet flowing, slowly becoming wider; from flowing it will start rushing, then gushing; the rivulet will turn into a vast ocean; Vassula, lean on Me when you are weary; I love you and will help you to bear with Me My Cross; beloved, never feel abandoned;

I felt that Jesus will always lift me when I stumble. He made me understand that I can always lean on Him to regain my strength.

Vassula, I will lead you;