November 9, 1994

My Vassula, I give you My Peace; listen and write:

as you know, he who touches you unjustly, touches the apple of My Eye; stand firm though, My child, and pray that faith be restored in your country, for faith is not given to everyone; I am the Author of My Message and I will see that it spreads quickly; this is My Work and all that has been undone by human hand will be restored again by My Hand;

as for your oppressors in your country do not regard them as enemies but as people who are also part of the family and therefore dear to Us, 1 needing prayers; let your love increase and not decrease, so that when I come to call you, I may find in you the same love I Myself have for you; My desire is to find you fit for My Kingdom; accept your Cross and let the Father repay those who are injuring you;

(The Holy Trinity spoke:)

ever so dear to Us, imitate Us,

(The Holy Spirit then only spoke.)

I will continue to direct you and give you My Instructions to be suitable for Our Kingdom; during My Instructions to you I will teach you to lay hands on your brothers and sisters so that their spirit falls in My embrace; the dead2 are going to be raised; I shall lift them, though not all; it is I who give you life and breath; have you not heard that it is in Me that you live and move and exist?

I will continue to train you spiritually in My Love, in My Infinite measure, so that your motives become those of Our reflection and through your mouth I shall continue to speak and raise many of your dead;

it is the Father who sends you out travelling; I am with you though all the time; soul! I shall continue to model you according to Our Image so that when your perishable nature must perish I may lift you once again, 3 to walk into Our Courts;

trust Me, Vassula, and allow Me to flutter freely in you; allow Me to breathe in you so that I can continue to teach you with Wisdom and counsel; everything I do, My infant, is not of the letter but by My Infinite Holiness and Glory; My Knowledge embodies the Truth; come and possess the Truth and all that I own, it is freely given to all mankind;

seek My goodness, My patience and My tolerance so that in your weakness these gifts may lead your mind and your heart to a greater repentance; yes, live holy as I am Holy …. be holy in every one of your actions and do not let Me flee from My dwelling place4 for lack of holiness;

let your loyalty to Us grow as Our loyalty, 5 to preserve you from falling into a lethargic spirit and back into the evils of the world; let your joy be in Us;

daughter, pray that the prophecies may be quickly completed and that I, the utter fullness of God, the utterance of your spirit, the light in your eyes, descend in your midst to show the world how wrong it was, to show to the churches their iniquity of their division and how, although they declare daily that there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism and one God who is Father of all, over all, through all and within all, are uncharitable with one another, We cannot say: “you have done everything to preserve the unity I offered you in the beginning when you were still a child6 and in My Arms;”

today you say: “I am not a child any longer and I can walk by myself,” and since then you stepped out of My embrace and accustomed your steps to walk your own way …. O child of the Father! fruit of the Son! My City and My Bride! 7 your fragrance left you …. are there going to be any survivors left in you when I will descend in full force?

I am standing at your doors, knocking, if anyone of you hears Me calling and opens the door, not only will I come in to share his meal side by side, but I will also engrave on their flesh My new Name; they will call My Name then, and I shall listen to them and I will say once more: “these are My people, a holy priesthood and I will live among them all;”

have you not heard? “all flesh is grass and its beauty like the wild flowers; the grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of the Lord remains for ever;” 8 so why do you call yourself “God” and enthrone yourself in the Sanctuary? come and repent and allow Me to guide you back into your divinity; if you allow Me to be your Torch and Light, no worldly law can touch you; come and inherit Our Kingdom in the right spirit; ask for My gifts and I shall give them to you: how can you say to your soul: “soul, you have plenty of good things now, take things as they come: have a good time and roll in your wealth, obviously the inheritance is yours;”

alas for your adultery! alas for your slanderous accusations that have been made by those who walk with the outward appearance of religion but reject the inner power of the Church! they are really members of the evil one, never realising that they are a wilderness and a drought, a walking wretch, pitiably poor and naked too; how could you believe I could live in you9 and offer you My gifts, you who are in debt to sin? have you not heard how I shun deceit?

– ah Vassula, how so few know about Me and yet it is I, who hold all things together, am everywhere and know everything to the depths of God; let your love grow in Me and your joy be complete in Me so that your spirit sings praises to Me; let your heart be in peace with Me and your spirit forgiving; bear with patience the Cross entrusted to you for all you do does not go in vain;

repay wickedness with kindness; repay evil with goodness and love; be mindful to the poor and the wretched to give glory to Me; be loyal and trustful only to Me your God;

alone you are not; I, the Holy Spirit, am your life and the One who directs you into Our Kingdom;

pray without ceasing and be holy in My Presence;

1 Holy Trinity.

2 Spiritual death.

3 The first resurrection was of the spirit, conversion. This resurrection is of the dead.

4 The Spirit dwells in us.

5 Between the Trinity.

6 The primitive Church.

7 The Holy Spirit is talking to the Church.

9 The members of the Church.