October 25, 1994

The nearer you go to God,
the nearer He will come to you.

flower, I, Jesus, bless you; pray, converse with Me and love Me; be with Me in this way; it is My enthusiasm to do this work with you; let it be your enthusiasm too;

Your conversation is sweetness itself
and You are altogether adorable. 1

allow Me, Shoot-of-the-Vine, to be graceful to you and offer you My Heart so that you inherit My glory and wealth; approach Me, you who desire Me, and I shall feed you offering to you My Heart in the hidden form of the Eucharist to transfigure you into a living tabernacle; inherit Me …. you will be good now and write down My previous messages;

I, Jesus, love you, and bless you; ic;

(Later on, I approached our Eternal Father.)

My Lord, my Creator, I love You.

love Me and also feel loved by Me; stay near Me and let your heart retain everything that I have given you; 2 with Me you will learn; allow Me to proceed with My Plan, giving Me more of your time;

Am I obstructing You in Your Plan?

(He lowered His gaze on me, looking straight at me.)

can one so small be a hindrance to the Almighty?

A microbe can be a nuisance to someone much bigger than the microbe.

Vassula, you have not understood the meaning of ‘small’, nor have you grasped the meaning of My Mind; 3 you delight Me …. come, do not be so obstinate; rejoice in Me and take courage;


I Am; I am your Father;

grasp the meaning of My Words; have you not heard how I stunt the tall trees and allow the small ones to grow? come, you have still much to learn ….

I bless you and the mission I entrusted you with;

(Later on:)

Lord, because You have given me an inch or two of Life and commanded me to repeat what You have given me, from that moment on my life is threatened. How many have hatched calumnies on me?

For no reason, they attack me, arraigning me for doing what I’ve been commanded to do. Why these plots against me?

peace be with you; I shall not desert you; fear not; have you understood the meaning of the Psalm you have read? 4 I have guided your hand to reach and read this part of Scriptures;

But why do these people attack without studying my case, reading Your message or even meeting me to talk things over?

because this people approaches Me5 drunk with spite, every vision, every word uttered by Me will continue to be sealed so that My prodigies appear to them as nonsense; have I not said that only the lowly will rejoice at the sound of My messengers’ footsteps? this is the reason they do not hear or understand when I talk; they look at one another without understanding, for in them I have put a sluggish spirit …. so, in their case, this prophecy of Isaiah is once more being fulfilled:

“to the seers they say, ‘see no visions’; to the prophets, ‘do not prophesy the truth to us’;” 6 and now to you I put these questions: are you still willing to be My Echo? are you still willing to continue carrying My New Song7 in your mouth? and are you still willing to bear the Cross of Unity with My Son, Jesus Christ?

YES Lord!

soul! fall into My Arms! 8

(Suddenly, Jesus’ Voice was heard.)

daughter! your generous heart will satisfy My thirst!

(Then, the Holy Spirit, touched, also spoke:)

blessed one, I will complete in you My Work and I will continue to set springs to gush in ravines; I will supply each soul with everlasting water;

(Immediately after the Holy Trinity spoke, there was a quick exchange of embraces. The Father hugged me, then the Son and then the Holy Spirit. At this exchange of embrace my soul never felt in more and total collaboration than at this instant, with my heavenly Family. I felt I belonged to them and to no one else.)

(The Father now spoke again.)

daughter, if you are willing to obey My Will, I shall wield My authority across these people through obedience9 and end the Apostasy; to maintain the holiness of My Name I shall take each one by the sleeve and ask them: “are you the child of the Father?” and when our eyes will meet they will cry out to Me: “my Father! am I still worthy of You? I have sinned, I have become a leper, a degenerate shoot of the Vine, because of my disloyalty to You I have died and decayed long ago!”

(The Son spoke:)

but I am the Resurrection; I alone am Wisdom, you are part of My Church too and I can use you; I can heal you and appoint you too as a witness; I have the power to make you a light for the nations so that My Salvation Plan reaches the ends of the earth; 10 today, I shall send you My Holy Spirit to breathe Life in you and restore you;

(The Holy Spirit continued now:)

I shall not impose Myself on you; open your door11 and I shall shed My Light in you; I can make you grow and give you speech to glorify Our Mystery;

in your silence you will hear My Voice instructing you about the Way; from a pagan I can turn you into a believer then give you the Knowledge of Wisdom and if you remain faithful to Us, I shall invest in you the Treasures of Our Glory and release you from your misery, so that you too in your turn will come to your neighbour’s help; to you I will reveal My Beauty and My Holiness and you will be lost in admiration at My Presence;

I am the Tree of Life, whosoever has Me planted in him, has eternal life; I can turn your soul into an Eden, into a Paradise; with My Divine Light I can transfigure your soul into a sun, brighter than all the constellations put together, for I am an inaccessible sun; you may have an incorruptible body if you allow Me to remain in you, and like a breeze in you I will refresh your soul and turn it into the perfect reflection of Christ; and although you will still be among men, your mind will be in heaven, and although your body will be moving among men, your soul and mind will be as an angel’s, walking in the Courts of Our Kingdom, walking among angels; if you open the door of your heart to Me, I will set your heart aflame and free it from the defilement of your passions; I shall frequently set your heart aflame to burn all your passions, no matter how small, that keep you prisoner to this earth;

I am the revelation of the Son and the Son is the revelation of the Father12 and the image of the Father; anyone who has the grace and sees the Son, sees the Father, 13 and anyone who perceives My Holiness perceives the Son and the Father, come and inherit the Way; We will carry your mind and soul and heart in Us to live in Us and flourish you, breaking all the boundaries that held you prisoner to this world;

come! come and inherit Our Splendour; We will carry you, like the bridegroom who carries his bride over the threshold into his nuptial chamber, We will carry you too into Our Kingdom and I shall pour on you and sate you with My ineffable blessings; 14 to maintain you alive I shall teach your spirit to cry out to the Father: “Abba!” I will teach you to live in Us, move in Us and breathe in Us; I shall teach you that we are Life and in Us you will not cease to be;

Blessed is the one
who passionately desires You
for he will possess You,
and thus will be thrice blessed.
Marvel of my life,
what have I done to possess You?
Immortal Splendour,
Indescribable to express with words,
what have I done so that You unite me to You?

(Christ spoke:)

I wanted you to become My companion in Love;

2 Although my memory is very imperfect, and am by nature forgetful, it is not the same when God teaches me. He only has to show me once something and I can never forget it.
3 I felt that the Lord was amused.
5 When Saul was persecuting the Christians and Jesus appeared to him, Jesus did not ask him: “why are you persecuting the Christians?” He asked him: “why are you persecuting Me?”, and then: “I am Jesus, and you are persecuting Me.” When I’m attacked it is God they attack since this work is not mine.
8 The Father’s Voice was joyful.
9 That is by our obedience.
11 That is the door of the heart.
12 “To have seen Me is to have seen the Father.” (Jn. 14:9.)
13 “Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me?” (Jn. 14:10.)
14 Gifts.