November 11, 1994


I Am….

Lord, when liars hound me You must help me! 1

name Me anyone who can stand up to Me;

There is no one like You.

so then trust Me …. I shall chase your oppressors away and I, Myself, will take up your cause; I am with you so whom do you need more?

Holy are You and Mighty;
Your Presence is Splendour and Majesty,
I need no one but my Maker.

I swore never to abandon you; Branch of the Vine, how much more could I prove to you that this is all My Work? Soil! give your harvest now, speak! pass on without reserve what you learned from Me; while you speak I am glorified and you sanctified; you are indeed in My Hand;

I will continue to help you and keep your memory fresh, so now let “us” rest; I in you, and you in Me; ic;