October 13, 1994

Here I am Lord,
as ready as I can be to serve You,
with honour and love.

peace be with you, soul; My Vassula, I will always give you opportunities to announce My Messages no matter how much your…. 1 or put it rather that way, our persecutors try to stop you, they will never reach their aim …. I am Master of the Heavens and the Earth ….

blessed one of My Soul allow Me now to use your hand again; I will continue to talk to the nations through your mouth and to encourage you I will reveal to them My Holy Countenance now and then; and on you too I will reveal to your society your glorious body; these gifts are offered by My Father who loves you for loving Me; I will show to your society the brightness of your glorious body, 2 that one of which is imperishable….. to show you My Way into My Kingdom allow Me to sanctify you; 3

I will continue to cure your sick and My Name will be praised; hear Me: to extol My Name I will appear often in your place as a reminder of My Marvels and of the reality of My Presence; I will reveal Myself on you to show everyone how I am in you and you in Me, that they may believe that through your words, I Am; the Love with which the Father loves Me is in you, My child, this is why I am in you; having won the favour of My Father in Heaven, He has now granted you this gift, this inexhaustible treasure worth more than all the treasures of the world put together;

I am coming to you again so that you hear the Word of God; I am God; glorify My Name and announce to this world that I conquered: My Miracles; I want My Miracles to be known and spread; Heaven and Earth should see My Glory; doubt no longer but believe now …. – I will open for you an important door; 4

hear Me now and write in My Name: I tell you, salvation will come to the abandoned, and to those who never sought Me, the poor and the wretched, the abandoned and the starved5 need water and there is none; their tongue is parched with thirst; this is why I will give them water with My Own Hand; have you not noticed how I am gathering the wretched? the dying?

I will call the sinners and all those whom your priests6 execute daily with their hard words; I shall turn their sadness into joy and when they will ask: “what about us? can we inherit Your Kingdom too? can we really be saved?” I will answer them: “your plea was heard by Me, I will save you too by your very wretchedness will I save you; I have come for the sick, for the poor, have you not heard this before, My child?” it is not those who call Me: “Lord, Lord”, and do not do My Will that I will hear; it is not those who speak daily about your foundations, but have none themselves, that I will hear; alas for you who are rich! you are having your honours now, but at the day of your burial you will be stripped from My Kingdom and your name from the Book of Life …. and you, daughter, do not let your soul flutter elsewhere than in My Heart;

do not fear to proclaim My Merciful Call, honour My Spirit! I will augment in you so long as you are prepared to diminish, effacing yourself; My Works on you will glorify My Name, we, us? ic;

1 The Lord hesitated here, then said what follows.
2 Many people in different countries witnessed this. They saw my face very bright, like porcelain, like light coming from within, and as though a young girl.
3 By purifications, and trials.
4 He did not tell me which door. But later on I understood. A few days later Fr. O’Carroll managed in spite of all the obstacles to have a private meeting with the Patriarch Bartholomew in Constantinople.
5 Jesus is speaking in metaphors. He means the unconverted, the strayed sheep and the uninstructed in spirituality.
6 Some who just got converted by ‘True Life in God’ in Greece and for the first time in their life go wholeheartedly for confession, and are eager to return to Church, thirsty for God, are condemned with harsh words by the confessor, if he finds out about the Messages, and he sometimes menaces them with excommunication.