October 18, 1994

My little child, I am Yahweh, your Eternal Father; far, far beyond this maddening lot, 1 I have taken you, to be present in My Courts; be persistent in your work and offer Me all your oppressors; say:

“Father, in your Righteousness,
deliver me from the lying tongue,
come quickly, God, in Your great Love;
answer me, my Yahweh;”

and I am now saying to you: My child, My child, even if there were to be tens of thousands posted by My Enemy against you, do not fear, beside you I am to defend you; My Presence is your Shield; who is like unto Me? to whom can you compare Me? with whom can you assess Me? My Presence is Splendour and Majesty; let no man oppress you; it is you, My child, who shall restore My sanctuaries2 for Me; I have not appointed you for your fame, but for blessing My Name; I have not risen you for your glory but for Mine; I have given you a disciple’s tongue to proclaim My Salvation Plan day after day ….

set to work, My seed, and I will be with you; I have provided you already with a flame that no one will be able to extinguish; I shall increase My prodigies on you; I have, in My Own treasury many more; I will give My prodigies according to the measure you will receive from your oppressors: My Son will appear in your place, revealing Himself to your society; can anyone say I am depriving them of signs? can anyone say I am not the Author of My saving and healing acts? can anyone complain I am keeping My right Hand hidden? who could be but Me who gives a king’s banquet in this wilderness? 3 who could split the rocks in the wilderness, quenching your thirst with unlimited water, 4 if it is not done by Me? open your eyes, generation, and concentrate on My marvels; and you, daughter, since I have set you free, guide My people into My House;

unite My people into My House, where they, too, will obtain their freedom; unite My people into one heart; follow this commandment:

let your lips bear witness to My Graciousness; enliven this dying flame5 and continue to build My altars6 and My House; no one will besiege My tent; 7 there is an angry legion of demons who hide beneath other tents8 to go and uproot the hopes I have given you and fill you with terror, but disease will devour their flesh and worm will be their cover …. have My Peace and never cease praying for the unconverted; 9 My Heart pains Me, My child, for I see to the ends of the earth and what I see is not according to My Heart’s desires …. your Father rules everything, but not your freedom …. and man has perverted his freedom ….

beloved, pray so that those who are dying will have time to redress themselves; every drop of love is used for their salvation; many who are beneath the rubble are still breathing, 10 so pray for them that I refresh their soul; remember, you are freed to free those from the rubble;

come, I, Yahweh, love you, I bless you;

1 My oppressors.

2 ‘Sanctuaries’ here stands for: ‘souls’.

3 ‘A King’s banquet’ stands for signs, prodigies from God, miracles and His Holy Spirit’s works, so lavishly poured on us.

4 ‘Split the rocks’ stands for God’s power who can send His Holy Spirit like a River in the wilderness we have created.

5 It means: this dying generation.

6 Altars stand for souls.

7 This means that no one will invade my soul (tent), because it is the dwelling place of God and His property.

8 The word ‘tent’ again stands for ‘soul’. God means that demons use people to perform their work.

9 Right there I felt God very sad and as someone who was weary. Then like a father who shares his pain and confides his sorrow to his child, God explained to me the reason of His sadness on what follows.

10 I also understood: barely breathing.