August 18, 1994

(Our Blessed Mother.)

daughter, My Heart rejoices whenever you join in the saints’ prayers …. My dear child, you are fighting1 in the same fight as all the saints in heaven; I am present too, so let your obedience to God have no limits;

look, accept all that God gives you; it is by His Hand for His Own generous purpose that He gives you the possibility, the freedom and the power to act for the revival of the Church; if you remain as an untarnished mirror, you will reflect God’s Image and His Works will continue to flash on you so that every nation will read the Word of Life welcoming Christ with an open heart;

there is so much healing left to be done, but be confident in the Lord for He Himself is your Holy Companion; since you have been raised up to be with Christ, My Son, you must live a true life in God; let every thought of yours be on heavenly things; teach others to think of God, to speak of God and to desire2 God, then they will realise that God is Life, Joy, and Heavenly Peace; look, the days are coming when this special grace the Lord was offering the world will come to its end;

Vassula, learn and tell these words from Scriptures to those who say: “we are not obliged by any canon law to listen to any prophecy ….” 3 tell them: Scriptures never lie, they say: “make sure that you never refuse to listen when He speaks; if the people on earth refused to listen to a warning, could not escape their punishment, how shall we possibly escape if we turn away from a voice that warns us from Heaven? that time His Voice made the earth shake, but now He has given us this promise: I am going to shake the earth once more and not only the earth but heaven as well;” 4

the retribution from heaven reserved for this godless generation is at hand; I shall continue to stand by you all and encourage you to pray, fast and live a true life in God; I will continue, if you allow Me, to bring you closer to God;

I, ‘i Panayïa’5 bless each one of you and tell you, My mantle I have placed on you to cover you My little ones, from the evil one, who like a lion, prowls around you continuously;

1 Spiritual fight, by prayer, love, obedience to God.
2 That is: to follow and live the greatest Commandment of God.
3 Our Blessed Mother means, the prophecies given in our times.
4 Heb. 12:25-26.
5 Blessed Mother in Greek. Literal translation is: ‘The Most Saintly’.