August 19, 1994

My heart is ready, Lord,
to serve and be under Your Command.
In the Courts of the house of Your Majesty
You allowed me to assist on Your instruction.
Although our knees are weak for lack of food, 1
You, my God, in Your infinite Mercy took pity on us;
You came to our help:
“I have reserved for You, generation, riches and wealth;
in time of famine I come.”
This is what You have been trying to tell us all this time.
I give thanks to You, with all my heart I give You thanks.

My Peace I give to you;

in My Heart lie many treasures and I have shown now those inexhaustible riches to you; I love you, never doubt of My Love; I had once said that this Treasure would be reserved for your times, these times when humanity is at its lowest and when in its so deplorable state, the Beast would be permitted to tempt all of you; this is why I am asking you to pray more, to fast and to follow My rules;

open your heart to Me and die to yourselves; and you, daughter, remain in Me; accept your accusers and I will lift your soul to Me; never judge, never weep over material things that do not last, be good and holy; I will teach you to be perfect if you allow Me, My Vassula; continue to announce and proclaim the riches of My Heart to those to whom I send you and do not be afraid of your accusers, leave those to Me, My child; see how much more you have to improve? by the way you live you will be able to attract others too to know Me;

(Then he spoke to the prayer group of Rhodes.)

I want each one of them to remember always that I have raised them by grace; none of them merited any of My Graces, this is why I want them to read from Scriptures the parable of the publican and the Pharisee, so that their zeal does not turn to bigotry; learn that no one is good but God;

no one of you is perfect yet; you have still very much to learn: you have to learn the patience of the Father, the love and the meekness I show to you all, the absolute holiness and tenderness of My Holy Spirit;

this is all for now, daughter; bless Me and love Me; I, Jesus, bless you, pupil of Mine;

1 Spiritually under-nourished.