August 10, 1994

My Peace I give to you;

I am the Lord and willingly I am providing you with food from heaven; write, My dove, write these words from Scriptures,

“if you remain in Me
and My Words remain in you,
you may ask for whatever you please
and you will get it!” 1

listen and write: in mercy I have pitied you and this is why I am here to instruct the uninstructed and to give My Law to the lawless; I shall continue to feed this generation on the heritage of My Father in Heaven; the Bread that cures you comes from above; the Bread of instruction descends from heaven, from My Father’s stores; no one should say: “I have nothing to eat;” here I am offering it to you so that you do not get tempted to eat what is vile and deadly, that which comes from the root of the world; My Spirit is offering you Life and peace; I am writing these few words to you through My flower,

Lord, some of the Greek Orthodox clergy do not believe it is You who speaks because You use the word ‘flower’ to call me.

I know, but have they not read:

“… the flower of their offspring had perished ….” 2 for these I say: “open your heart and you will receive Light and you will believe;” now they are like a pitiful lot wandering in shadows and gloom; in My Mercy I overlook many of their misdeeds, to give them time to repent! come, My friend, I have not forgotten what you have offered Me that day; the days are coming closer to this instant when I can make good use of your offer; 3 until then I shall prepare you; My appearances will continue on you so that I encourage you; ah, My child, what will I not do for you?

– in the Tenderness of His Love, My Father covered your path with sapphires; a King, yet so motherly, a Judge, yet so tender and loving, the Alpha and the Omega, yet so meek; come, I and you, we? us?


speak in My Name, this pleases Me and honours Me;

Lord, I love You and I enjoy every minute of Your Presence.

Me too; I take delight in speaking to you in this manner;

This is constant, my Lord. Any time and anywhere I will be. It is always there with me this gift, isn’t it?

yes! this is what the Father and I offered you; ah Vassula, one day you will appear in the Courts of My Father together with Me; I shall not pluck My flower yet though, not until My Plan on you has been consumed; until then, continue to drink My Blood and eat My Body;

the Holy One is with you;

3 Read message of August 8, 1994.