August 8, 1994

Look, my God, I have been picked up
by Your good pleasure
to become Your living tablet,
Your echo and Your harp.
Since I know, my Eli,
that Your thoughts are above my thoughts
and Your ways are above my ways,
as the heavens are high above earth,
come and examine me thoroughly.
Come and check my heart,
test me with Your Fire
and use Your arrows freely on me.
Make sure that I am not on my way to disaster.
Guide my step on the road
that leads to Your Eternal Domain,
for I long to walk in Your Celestial Courts one day!

how I love your spirit …. My pleasure is to continue to use you as My tablet, My echo and My harp; however faint your sound may be, I will do the rest; I promise you that I shall display My glory to all nations through you; stand aside and allow Me to step in;

I tell you, many will recognise Me in these Messages as the Most High; …. and I shall bring even pagans to desire Me; 1 My Spirit, like a soft breeze will touch them; I shall go to countries that never held My Name Holy; I will speak to people who never called Me or invoked My Name;

Lord, open my lips
and my mouth will only repeat
the words You have given me.

yes! I will let the whole world hear Me; be submissive and I shall accomplish My Will in you; in the meantime I will continue to give you in secret2 the teachings of My Wisdom, leaving the philosophers’ mind in awe; I will give back the proud what they deserve …. yes, I will confound the sages and put them all into such confusion that they would not know their left hand from their right one; today these very ones delight in their falsehood and in their tower of Babel; these scholars have bought this world and own everything …. 3

Lord! Do I dare remind You that they, too, are Your children?

I have not yet heard from them: “there is no other god except You, Father!”

(This answer made my soul ever so sad …)

Lord, Scriptures say: “I am Yahweh and there is no other, I form the light and I create the darkness, I make well-being, and I create disaster, I, Yahweh do all these things,” (Is. 45 : 6-7)

Lord, You are Master
of the heavens and of everything!
You are the Holy One
and surely You can shine on darkness to bring light
and You are known for Your Infinite Mercy,
why, I myself have experienced Your immense Tenderness.
Surely You can make well-being from disaster?

…. My purpose will come about, I shall do whatever I please …. 4

What more could I tell You or do to convince You, my Beloved?

though you are tired of so much travelling, I shall grant you one part of your request, if you continue to travel for Me, proclaiming all the Knowledge I have passed on to you;

I will travel for You, Lord. I am unworthy, but how can I say it? How can I obtain from You the other part too?

…. you are too frail for this …..

Not if You are in me and present. Not if Saint Michael is at my side and our Blessed Mother covers my head with Her mantle!

you truly rely on Me then …. 5 remnant of My Son, your clothing will roll in your blood …. this will bring salvation and conversion to many; I will, not before long, pour out My Spirit as never before on them and from their lying tongue I will put an upright tongue which will acclaim:

“I belong to the Most High and Father of all;”

another one6 will call himself by My Son’s Name: “Christian”, and on his forehead will be written My Son’s New Name; – oh, Vassula, put in the sickle and reap! hurry, and be attracted by the splendour of My Work and reap! reap vigorously with Me and never be carried off by the world;

My Voice is sweet, My Image perfect; come, come in your Father’s Arms; dust and ashes but Mine, with a soul and a heart;

come Paraskeví, 7 I will preserve your sight;

1 That means: to follow the greatest Commandment of God.
2 God means that when He comes to give me a message there is no one around me, no crowds. All is done in silence.
3 Hearing the disappointed and somewhat bitter tone of God, I felt He might flare up and I dared interrupt Him.
5 I noticed a note of amazement from Yahweh my Lord.
6 Way of speaking. Does not necessarily mean just one.
7 Paraskeví is my second name. Paraskeví in Greek means Friday. This name, which is a common name in Greece, was added by my mother in honour of Saint Paraskeví, who is the saint for healing eyes. When I was born, my eyelids were stuck together. My mother was not sure if I had any eyes. She prayed to Saint Paraskeví making a vow to call me with her name. After three days my eyes opened.