August 7, 1994


Lord, the tepidity1 is unbearable here. – Have You noticed the result of my folly?2 …. see the threats I receive by the public radio? 3 See how they hatched all these lies? Had I been living in the Middle Ages, I would have been stoned to death, or burnt at the stake!

before you I stand all the time; in the end, I shall triumph; so do not fear …. I have fostered you, I have raised you to glorify My Name; the man of peace will understand My Message of Peace;

I have in My Messages, passages which are well concealed and hard to understand, but these are for those of whom the prophet Isaiah spoke: “you will listen and listen again, but not understand, see and see again, but not perceive ….” these people are uninhabited; 4 they also distort the Scriptures; remind everyone5 that they cannot serve two masters; the master of the world and Me; I, who am the Master of the Heavens; remind them that they should put in practice what they have been taught by Me; do not prefer your own pleasure to God;

I am Holy and I want you to live holy; you must keep steady all the time and not at times ….. the devil is prowling around you and has sworn to deceive you all!

pray for your priests6 who are ever so weak; they look without seeing and listen without hearing, in this state they are depraved in mind, therefore, deprived of this Message; do not then be surprised that they mistrust the lot of you and argue on My Words; they are as dear to Me as you are and I love them as much as I love all of you; respect them and pray for them;

I will conclude by telling you: keep My Holy Rules and abstain from the things the world is offering you; do not give the Enemy a chance; do not feed yourselves on things that are not holy, this is My second warning; the first was spoken through the mouth of she who writes down My Love Hymn ….

be upright and self-controlled so that you remain in My favour, these are My conditions of following Me; do not oblige Me to tell you one day: “you were not upright”; now, you are well aware of My conditions, if you are subject to Me, follow Me; do not ever wreck the work I have done on others;7 repent! and seek truthfulness;

I tell you truly: those who behave like pagans will have their share because they do not only behave like pagans but even applaud others who join them;

if I, who love you, do not reprimand you, who will? if I have given you all these instructions it is so that I refresh your memories and remind you that I Am is Holy; ic;

(Is. 63:3: “Of the men of my people not one was with me.” Since the prayer groups of Greece have not a spiritual director (priest) because no one wants to shepherd them, Jesus Christ Himself comes to shepherd them. All the priests turned against the two prayer groups, calling them heretic.)

1 Spiritual tepidity.
2 To love God to madness and announce it by witnessing on the local TV.
3 From two Orthodox priests, who spoke against me.
4 Meaning, their soul is like a desert.
5 The Rhodian and Athenian prayer groups.
6 Those especially on the island of Rhodes.
7 Tempt the newly converted back into sin.