July 19, 1994



I Am;

allow Me to be with you, 1 set your heart right and behave according to My Heart; I am present;

I feel that I am far behind You in this race
and almost losing sight of You.
Am I an obstacle perhaps in Your divine plan?
Am I slow? Am I unfaithful?
Am I giving honours on earthly things?

ah, you are weak, yet My Plan in you will be accomplished because of your thirst for Me; remain small so that everyone around you may notice My Greatness …. do all you can and I will do the rest;

Reassure me now from the Bible, please.

very well, then, open the Bible; 2 yes, be eager to receive My Word; it is your nourishment and it keeps you alive;

Vassula, My Heart bleeds when I see you sad …. feel My pain …. I want you to remain in My Peace and My Joy; do not fret and do not get upset on things that do not last! for My sake now, go to Saint George’s Church and pray the rosary; I want you to set your hope on Me for I am rich in happiness; generous too in giving it; amass all that is good from Me and fill your soul from Me who am the Source of your happiness; I possess the only true Joy and Life that lasts and is real; rely on My compassion and stop feeling guilty; I already have forgiven you; remember, although you have progressed you are still learning and you are still My pupil;

Not the best one though.

no; but I love you; I shall fortify you, pupil, so cling to Me; I, Jesus, will help you; ic;

1 In dictation.
2 I did and I read.