July 10, 1994

peace be with you; have as your daily bread, prayers; let them fill your mouth, I love hearing them; I am the Breath of your life, say:

Lord of the Heavens,
sanctify my soul, Your dwelling place,
so that You, my King, will be glorified;
crown my soul with holiness,
so that in Your Divinity
I may become heiress of Your Kingdom and Your Glory;
I promise to lay down my life
for my brothers and my sisters,
and become part of Your Salvation Plan;
Creator, I am yours,
Jesus Christ, I am yours;
Holy Spirit, I am yours;

your abode is in Us, the Most Holy Trinity; ecclesia will revive;

daughter, love Me and you shall live; eat Me and you will grow in Me; drink Me, and you will revive; if you do these things you will turn into a copy of Myself: your Divine God;

pupil, I love you and bless you; Jesus is My Name: have My Peace;