May 31, 1994

My Lord?

I Am;

Vassula of My Sacred Heart, rejoice and realise how out of a withered tree I made a fruitful tree, giving life by just one of My glances; so rejoice, daughter; I Am is with you; do not fear, My child, listen and write:

every Easter season I must drink from the cup of your division since this cup is forced on Me; but you too, daughter, will drink from it; you shall share with Me what is bitter – given by human hand; the more time passes for them to unite the dates of Easter, the more severe will be their sentence this generation will receive;

My Return is imminent and woe to the unrepentant heart! woe to the divided heart! woe to the unreconciled heart! “they shall be thrown down to hell!” 1 today every member of My House who provokes Me and enshrines the disastrous abomination in his heart, will have his name erased from the Book of Life for having blasphemed; many of you, generation, listen to My Words but remain inactive in a spirit of lethargy; why do you allow yourselves to be defeated and conquered by your incredulity?

your apostasy has coarsened your hearts and Isaiah’s prophecy to this day stands and is being fulfilled: “you will listen and listen again, but not understand, see and see again, but not perceive; for the heart of this nation has grown coarse, their ears are dull of hearing, and they have shut their eyes, for fear they should see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their heart and be converted and be healed by Me”; 2 repent! for the Kingdom of heaven is close at hand;

look around you and see: one section of My Church has been blinded because of their rationalistic mind, a sluggish spirit settled upon them; today I am speaking through the mouths of Nothingness to show My Infinite Mercy to all mankind but only one handful can hear and see Me; the rest were not allowed to hear or see the Holy Spirit of Truth; 3 but, like those who heard My Spirit of Grace, they too are loved by Me and this is why to this day I am holding back My Father’s Hand from falling upon them;

no, daughter, they were not allowed to hear or see the splendour of the Truth and never will, not until their mind be renewed by a spiritual revolution; so long as they follow their course intellectually they will remain in the dark and estranged to My signs and marvels; so long as they make recourse to their own spirit they will continue to cross-examine My Holy Spirit of Truth without recognising Him, He who is speaking now to them; with unseeing eyes and inattentive ears, they will continue to proclaim their laws instead of My Law; they will try to change seasons and words, and because of their infidelity they will cancel My Traditions to human analogies, without the Truth that is in Me;

they will boast of their achievement but it will only be acclaimed and praised by the corrupted world not by My Own whom I have sealed; yes, 4 the people of the world will rejoice and will celebrate this event to exchange gifts between them; but My Own will shed tears of sorrow and will wear sackcloth, lamenting that this iniquity, this abomination of the desolation, will not last forever;

Moses wrote: “those who keep the Law will draw life from it”; and today I tell you: “those who keep My Traditions will draw life from Them;” and when you confess that I, Jesus, am Lord, raised from the dead, then you shall be saved;

when with all your heart you will say My Words of Institution on the Eucharist and Consecration, you will be saved! this is why in My Infinite Love I am calling you all to stretch out your hands for heavenly things only; ask for My Spirit to guide you and you will be in no danger of yielding to temptation; allow yourselves to be directed by My Spirit and no temptations can touch your spirit ….

so you read how it was written that My Church would suffer and be under persecution, under the law of the Unlawful One, betrayed from within, you will now be witnesses to this and all visions will come true;

Why had all this to come, Lord?

alas! many of your shepherds are asleep, and My lambs are scattered with so very few to rally them;

Lord, is it because some of Your shepherds scorn Your warnings? Is it because they take everything as a menace?

it is because I expose their nakedness; My Eyes are too pure to rest on sin and apathy and I cannot endure iniquity anymore; hear Me: their incredulity on My Holy Spirit’s gifts is standing in My way! if they only knew what I, God, am offering them, they would have been the ones to ask for more prodigies;

now, have you not heard: “the amount you measure out is the amount you will be given and more besides; for the man who has will be given more; from the man who has not, even what he has will be taken away!” 5 the lure of riches6 came inside these people and choked My Word, 7 and so they produce nothing; therefore, My Kingdom shall be taken away from them and will be given to a people who could produce its fruit;

I, Jesus bless you, daughter, have My Peace and caress Me with your love; ic;

3 I was wondering why and as if the Lord wanted to stop me from thinking wrong, He hurried up and said what followed.

6 It means ‘pride’. Spiritual pride.

7 I understood that although they study the Scriptures they do not penetrate in the meaning of the Word and understand it with their own human light and not with the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit.