May 30, 1994

Yahweh, my Good Father,
my soul yearns to live in Your House,
O listen to my appeal!
You who freed me to set me at large
to display Your Holy Name to multiple nations
and extol You with praises,
tell me, my Good Father,
tell me, when will I hide in the shadow of Your Wings?

Have pity on me, the sinner,
for I am a constant wretch,
but by Your saving power,
I know and I believe, You can lift me up.
I promise that, ever hopeful,
I will honour Your Name more and more,
and my lips shall speak of Your marvels.

O Father,
as the heavens and earth acclaim You,
for myself, come,
in Your loving kindness, come,
in Your great tenderness, come;
come and make us one, Yahweh.
Yahweh, why do You wait so long?
Come now and heal our broken hearts.

daughter, I love you; I will make you all one; see? and I will assemble you from far and wide and from every roadway, at the favourable time I will call; come near Me, My child, 1 and listen to this: from the beginning I have been watching you; I have been speaking, but the passions of the world are increasing and the guilt of this generation will come crashing down when I will come and purge the nations, then they will lift their heads and will look for My Spirit that will lead them into the full knowledge of the truth;

this is why, daughter, you must intercede for the East and the West to meet and join their heart into one; this should be done before the Enemy subdues My Law and fertilises My Sanctuary with human doctrines and regulations;

but it has been said that as there were false prophets in the past history among you, so you too will have your false teachers, who will insinuate their own disruptive views and disown the divinity of My Son, Jesus Christ; these false teachers intellectualise the Good News that had been given to you in all their richness;

I tell you solemnly: beware of the Deceiver; the Deceiver will bring a different doctrine and will distort My Word and the Tradition that were passed on to you; so I am telling you, do not imitate the deceiver; from all that I have been writing to you, generation, using My instrument’s hand, heart and soul, do not be afraid from these deceivers, they are not gods and I am in every faithful heart; I will unleash a torrential rain of fire on this earth to burn her crimes, but I will rescue My people;

1 Here, Yahweh sounded very much like a tender father.