June 2, 1994

Lord, my God,
You who rejoice to give Your gifts in secret,
I ask You so much to give to all souls the greatest gift:
the gift that transfigures our stained image
into the brightness of Your Divine Image.
Turn us into Your reflection
so that we penetrate into Your Divinity.
Just as in the Day of Your Transfiguration,
let this become for us
a second new feast of transfiguration
so that we too may hear
those words from the Father:
“These are my sons and daughters, the beloved;
they enjoy My favour; listen to them.”
Then let us go out,
with Your Spirit of Truth
to tell of Your mighty deeds.
Let it be the Transfiguration of all the world; 1
and in our transfiguration we will learn to love,
and love will lead us to eternal life.

you have said well, daughter; ask for this gift in your daily prayers and I shall give it to you; see how My garments are spattered in blood? see how My garments are red, soaked in My Blood? many unclean things render Me in this pitiable state …. many indeed are My groans and My Heart is lacerated by the very hands I have formed …. but so few listen to My groans, so few pay attention to My Tears of Blood; My Eyes waste away with weeping;

I allow My images to weep to awaken your remorse and your pain but what I hear is a short sigh in which I find a brief relief from it then, but so very quickly you grant your heart to be taken away by the worries of the world; you allow your heart to be taken away from comforting Me and being a consoler to the Consoler, He who could transfigure you, who could resurrect your soul, who could divinise your soul …

others, upon seeing the torrents shed from My Eyes remain untouched because of their incredulity; having lost the sense of My wonders, they fail to understand and with frenzy persecute My signs; their sins have choked their heart and from thereon their heart flutters after worldly things, never realising how their soul is being misled by the evil one; who could possibly understand My deep grief? why do they give My Enemy cause to gloat over them in secret? who of you could give Me relief? who of you can give Me rest? every hour that a day contains, every minute that exists I am near you and call to you: “return to Me, return to Love;” oh, but so many of you have grown cruel …..

you see Me soaked in My Blood, yet you grant your eyes to rest; oh …. until when will you not hear your God wailing? ….

as for you, flower, remember the affection I have for you and My love; abandon yourself to Me; come and comfort Me with your love; let the nations re-discover Me through you, 2 demonstrate My love, My sorrow and My anguish I have for them;

living tablet! I, Jesus Christ, have entrusted you with My Message, do not doubt …. I have given you a Treasure into your hands, I have given you My entire Heart into your hands, what more could I have given you? since it is through My generosity I have raised you to enter this state of grace in which I keep you, tolerate your adversaries with love; have you not heard that sufferings bring patience? I tell you, they bring you closer to Me;

I have poured into your heart through My Holy Spirit My intense Knowledge, a royal vestment, to be worn for My glory; I have appointed you to glorify Me; all that I have given you pleases Me and the Father; I delight to make you the delight of My Eyes, the joy of My Heart; in your simplicity My Soul rejoices! so do not refuse Me anything; instruct the unlearned and do not allow the evil one to rob the hours I want with you; 3 – instruction will lead many to become the delight of My Soul;

in the end Our Two Hearts will defeat the Enemy and that transfiguration you have asked for will take place: I shall renew the face of this earth;

I, Jesus bless you; ic;

1 Allusion to Rv. 21.
2 When I witness about Him.
3 In dictation.