May 27, 1994

lean on Me, daughter; do not allow the dead1 to draw you back to them; have you eaten from My fruit?

Yes, I have eaten Your Words and they are Life.

and you have revived; I am the Resurrection; you have resurrected; 2

learn how My Spirit works; My Spirit was deeply moved to see you lying dead among the dead; together with others, you had plunged yourself to the bottom of the grave, in the darkness, in the depths of putrefaction; 3 part-of-My-Body, My City, you had ears but heard nothing; you had eyes but saw nothing; weighed down by your sins, you were choking in the dust among dust; 4 yet not one of you was born there; and I, seeing you in this misery, was filled with sorrow; My Eyes were worn out with suffering; I called to you all day, but not one of you listened to the sound of My pleading; to honour My Name and to honour the Hands that created you and held you firm, and for the sake of My Faithful Love, I revealed My Face to you and shone on you My Light; Sovereignty stood facing you, and ever so generously My Holy Spirit breathed on you the Breath of Life, the Breath of Resurrection; the Word then anointed you and His Royal Throne He established in you; and to honour His Crown in the dust, 5 He raised you from dust, triumphing in you, becoming the flower of His Strength; you see, daughter, My Love works wonders for the dead ….

then, I spoke in My sanctuary, 6 I split it open and marched with glory in My domain; I was the One who fortified you, city, so that Deception and Trickery would be unable to lead their armies against you; since you have been raised up to walk with a King7 in His triumphal procession;

and now that I have resurrected you, you must give up entirely all that the world offers you; now that I resurrected you, do not look to your left nor to your right but only to the things above; let your thoughts be heavenly thoughts; aspire from Me and not from the dust; in your resurrection I have stripped you off from your worldly vestments and adorned your soul now with My impressive Vestments;

yes, I have clothed you with Wisdom …. and the Image of the unseen God is now reflected on you to lead you into divinity; I have asked the Father to vest you with Myself so that I lead you into sanctification; free at last! …. and in this image I will draw My people into unity;

be gentle and patient until the second resurrection; you received the Spirit of adoption through grace, this is why your lips are able to cry out: “Abba”, a grace enough to lead you to heaven;

continue with zeal and confidence since I am your Holy Companion, and even if you are hounded, endure it passively; I will progressively lift the veil covering your spirit so that you may be revealed with Me in the fullness of My Glory;

I Am is with you; praise the Amen and live for Me; this was a brief reminder to remind you where I had found you;

1 Spiritually dead: meaning, the world should not tempt me and I should stay away from temptation.
2 The Lord is talking about the first resurrection, the one of the spirit by the Holy Spirit.
3 I remembered just before my conversion I saw a vision of a leper. The leper was me.
4 Jesus means the spiritually dead.
5 “…in the dust”, expression from our Lord which means “in you”, since we are made out of dust.
6 It means: God spoke inside me.
7 Himself.