May 26, 1994

peace be with you; say these words to Me:

My Jesus,
You are my only Love in my heart,
my only Hope in my life, my only Light in my soul,
for this reason, remain with me, Christ;
my guilt is overwhelming me,
and I am sorry for having sinned,
come and free me from all my sins,
do not prolong Your silence,
come and renew me,
stir me with Your Wisdom
and let Your Holy Spirit be my Ruler;

say it now to Me with confidence; I am standing before you, My Hand on you; I felt pity for you; keep My Rules securely in your heart and do not shudder when you see Me coming to you with My bow and arrows; My arm still has to shatter a few more rocks inside you; come and write with your Saviour; do not fear; it is I, Jesus Christ, your Wealth; ic;