April 13, 1994

yes! My Vassula, when I call, I touch your heart! 1 it is I, Yahweh, lean on Me and do not fear; My Heart is an Abyss of Love and Tenderness;

hear Me: the grass dries up, the turf all will wither, soon nothing will remain green anymore, if we do not hurry the earth will be totally ravaged; so few survivors are left now…. 2 do not believe those who prophesy saying: “all is well now, peace is already sprouting among you”; I have not sent these prophets, yet they are prophesying in blood to nations that eat the bread of wickedness;

My prophet’s word coming from My Mouth burns like fire and no hypocrite likes it; My word, pronounced, shatters, like a hammer it pounds on coarsened hearts, shattering them; no, how can I say that peace is starting to bud when your lands are imbued in iniquity and the corpses ravaged by worm, how can I say that love has moved your hearts, when your tongues are forked, uttering blasphemies on My Spirit? your lands are full of prostitution; 3 no, they do not honour Me as their Father but dishonour Me without ceasing …. and the night has covered you without you noticing it; it crept on the entire earth like death; how then am I to say, “you are glorifying My Name?” how am I to say, “you are hallowing My Name?” when your entire being is night?

I am sending angel following close to angel to echo My words and pierce through your deafness, ah …. but so many of you judge them by human standards, because nothing is penetrating you due to your coarsened heart; indeed the hour is here when Death is persecuting Life; you drive out from your premises, which in fact are Mine, My angels, abusing them, treating them like impostors and ever so savagely you try to kill their spirit along with My Spirit, thinking you are doing a holy duty for Me; but you will have no power over them, for the words they pronounce are Life and Life is stronger than Death, and Love is more powerful than Evil because My Spirit is their Holy Companion accompanying them; so wherever My angels go, My Spirit is with them;

the Message I uttered from the beginning was to love one another, reconcile in My Love, to live holy and hallow My Name; this is still My Message, but ah, so few of you have listened and followed it ….

– why do you still hang on to this passing world? I have taught you not to worry about your life, would I not care for your needs? 4 I would adorn your soul if you would only let Me; from the time this Message went out I never stopped calling you to return to Me and change your lives;

I have been asking you for amendments, for repentance, for vigil of prayers; I have been asking you for incense, incense from your heart, oh! if you only knew how powerful and what splendour your prayers can be if they come from your heart! your prayers can destroy every evil empire in this world, they can uproot evil and break the ten horns5 devouring now the earth together with My children; your prayers can overpower evil forces, although these forces are powerful, your incense6 can purify this world; I tell you, grant yourselves no rest lest you be tested; be vigilant as never before;

I will not desert you, I am with you all; I am with you to give you strength so that your breath does not fail you; I am with you seedlings of Mine, and am only waiting to be gracious to you and transplant you in My garden of delights;

see, I Myself am taking up your cause to make sure you are not devoured by the Enemy; and you, My daughter, allow Me to use you as My weapon; I shall use you to strike the evil kingdoms of this world and he who governs them; Wisdom will instruct you; accomplish your daily duties;

I, Yahweh, bless you; your Father and your Abba is near you;

1 When I receive a call, I feel in my heart a special great joy, on eagerness to rush quickly to God, abandon everything and answer His Call.
2 Yahweh speaks in metaphors.
3 The Father means religious infidelity.
4 Allusion to Mt. 6:25.
5 Ten blasphemies against the Ten Commandments of God.
6 Prayers from the heart.