April 12, 1994

Vassula, write: I give you My Peace; listen to My Voice: would you like to serve your Master?

Yes Lord, I want.

are you willing to be generous to Me?

Yes, my Lord.

My friend, yes, you are My friend and so to you I will give the bread of understanding to eat and the water of My Spirit to drink; I will allow you to know my intentions and the invisible to become visible for you; write and tell the nations:

creation, do not be locked in the same sleep for ever; I mean to display the holiness of My great Name among the entire earth, yes, even to the pagans I will display the holiness of My Name; 1

creation, the various crops are not what nourishes you and maintains you on your feet, but My Word, which preserves all who trust in Me; this is why I ask all of you to approach Me, you who love Me, and inherit the Kingdom prepared for you since the foundation of the world! do not say: “Our Master is taking His time,” then set about sinning; what makes you believe you could remain unnoticed in your sin? if My Return comes slowly, wait, for come It will, and without fail; the Master will come on a day you do not expect;

today, for the sake of My Holy Name, I display the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven for everyone to see; is this Heavenly Banner not enough for you? 2 My Holy Spirit outshines all the constellations put together and directs your mind to heavenly things, filling your spirit with a pure light, to make you perceive the mysteries of My Knowledge; My Holy Spirit is sent to you to fortify you, My child, and straighten the paths of My people; I am pouring out My Spirit so lavishly upon you to remind you all over again that in My Presence I do not admire the great nor the mighty, but the meek and humble; generation, I was deeply moved by your famine, 3 I am still deeply moved for all of you ….

“bring me back,” some of you call out to Me; “bring me back and redress me;” but hardly do I bring you back to Me and redress you and fill you with good things than a tempest whirls you out of My Sight again, because you were not yet rooted in Me …. you want to be rooted in Me? then love your enemies, bless your persecutors and pray for them;

if any one of you who hears now the word of the Kingdom of Heaven and does not grasp it, how are you then going to follow Me in My Footprints? how are you then going to be rooted in Me? turn to Me, seize My Hand and allow My Spirit to breathe in you and revive you; this Breath that is pure emanation of My Glory; and from a rock I will give you a heart, and from being inactive, I will resurrect you and will inspire a living spirit in you; from efforts you so very evilly spent, I will make your spirit demonstrate sweetness and tenderness for one another …. watch yourselves or your hearts will be coarsened from apathy and from wickedness;

you want to follow Me? then be My echo, rebounding from Heaven to earth; do not ill-treat each other, love one another, this is freedom, and you get it from My Spirit; do not be like an image of darkness and expect to have peace;

ah generation …. an hour is coming when the Enemy will sift you all, in fact this hour is here already, the Enemy is raising fortification after fortification around My Traditions and all around you! when he will encircle you and hem you in on every side, he will test you in the furnace of distress; do not lie to yourselves and think you still have time; look all around you; as soon as a wicked man renounces, by My Grace, his wickedness and does what is right in My Eyes, the Enemy pounces on him, using every means to discourage him and draws him back in the Valley of death …. the Enemy, robs him back and digs for him a deeper grave …. this is why with tears in My Eyes, I continually cry out to you as I once lamented for Jerusalem: “if you in your turn had only understood on this day the Message of Peace! but alas, it is hidden from your eyes! and all because you did not recognise neither the Times nor your opportunity when I came barefoot and in sackcloth into your room to offer it!” you have not understood My Will, generation, to this day; very few understood My Will …. generation, you are still filled with spite;

abide in My Light and you will abide in Love; remain in My Love and you will bear fruit in My Love; see? how the Spirit of Truth flashes in the sky His Light? but, so many of you have not understood what this text in the Scriptures means: “it was the stone rejected by the builders that became the keystone”; 4 have I not said that anyone who falls on that stone will be dashed to pieces; anyone it falls on will be crushed? 5

do not lose the state of grace you had entered once by considering yourselves righteous, no man is good except God …. do not judge the sinner, saying: “he knows nothing of the way of peace nor of righteousness;” leave these things for Me; I am the only Judge; ask Me to look after you and I will; your petitions will carry to the clouds; ask! and I will save you …. Mercy is at your doors, never doubt of My Love;

I bless you all, leaving the Sigh of My Love on your forehead;

1 I understood in a special hidden form, the Lord here was alluding to Mt 24.30: “And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven; then too all the people of the earth will beat their breasts.”
2 Jesus means His Holy Spirit, a figurative sign before the visible Sign in heaven.
3 Spiritual starvation.