April 7, 1994

When I do not yet grasp this mystery,
for a mystery it is to me to this very day,
of Your choice for Your Plan,
I know that all that has happened to me
and is still happening is coming from Your Powerful Hand!
Almighty One,
You have stepped out of Your Holy Heaven
and proceeded with mighty victories
from Your Own right Hand. Ah Lord ….

I Am;

I am next to you; fear not, My child; allow Me to proceed with My Message and accomplish My designs in you – are you happy to be with Me in this way?


beloved, beloved of My Soul, have My Peace; the hardships that you carry on your back are given to you to amend for all the good I do not receive from this generation; I need victim souls to make reparations and, My child, you have given your consent so generously ….

I belong to You. This is why, out of love, I have given You my consent.

you are in My Hands and so you have nothing to fear; I will use you freely for My Own Designs and I shall open the way for you; I and you together, bonded with cords of love, will advance to conquer an irreligious people; grace will come in your meeting in Romania;

precious little one, remember always one thing: I, Jesus, am with you; I love you My Own, My remnant; Love is permanently by your side; I bless you; come;