January 6, 1994


(On November 6, 1993 Fr O’Carroll and I gave the books (True Life in God) and his own books in the hands of the Pope, John Paul II. Two months later, today early in the morning, I had a vision – dream.

The vision:

I saw very clearly the Pope in his white robes. He was standing opposite me, looking at me. It was like he and I knew one another well. A dining table, made out of plastic, was between us. I was studying his white robes. We did not exchange a word with each other. He then sat down at my table. I turned around to my right to offer him what I had for him. I offered him a dessert to eat. While he ate I watched him. Then, after he ate it all, and having enjoyed it, he got up to leave. I hurried up to accompany him to the door.

I went by his right side and gave him a walking stick (in my vision it belonged to him). The stick was not of wood but of some other material, of very light colour. He took it and as he started to walk I noticed he had difficulty even with a walking stick.

Immediately and without hesitation I took his right arm and pulled it around my neck and shoulders, reaching all around my neck to my left shoulder. He did not object but accepted this help. Then with my left arm I placed it around his back so as to lift him as much as possible on my left side and put his weight on my back. I remember pulling his arm around my shoulders so that it crossed my neck in front going from my right shoulder to the left one. In this way, his feet almost left the floor. When I placed my left arm around him my hand felt his back ribs and I was astonished thinking, “How thin he is” but no one could see. All the time the Pope did not object.1 )

1 In this vision I understood that the Pope also represents the Church. The Church is weak since apostasy is here, but The Messages help the Church.