December 22, 1993


yes, Vassula write:

yes, those who rejected My calls for no reason at all will confess, saying: “we have sinned, we have done wrong; Lord, how long is this disastrous iniquity, of sanctuary and army, to be trampled underfoot? how long still will the Truth be buried since they flung It to the ground? 1 is this a result of our sins and the crimes of our apathy?”

and I will tell you: when Death was creeping through your windows, My distressed calls and My warnings were never heard; they were ridiculed or ignored; when I came to you, limping and as a lamenting beggar, begging for your attention, you flew into a rage and chased Me away; when I came to you as a sorrowful father to warn you that your flesh had mouldered, even though you were standing and that your eyes were rotting while still in their sockets and that although you were reputed to be alive you were decaying, 2 you flew into a rage and made war against Me and all the saints I have been sending you, and now your terror is falling on you; “why have You, My Lord,” you will say, “why have You handed Your Holy Place over to the power of the beast? 3 are we not to drink Your Wine anymore? are we not to eat Your Bread anymore? are we not to plant vineyards any longer? are we compelled4 now to obey the Lawless, 5 and the ones who are under the dominion of the beast?” 6

I will remind you then, that I had been sending you My servants the prophets so persistently, so often, to say: “each of you wear sackcloth, repent, amend your actions, fast on dry bread and water!” but you would not listen to Me …. you would not repent or humble yourself either, for you had substituted darkness for light and light for darkness; and yet I am telling you that there is still a time of greater distress to come, unparalleled since nations first came into existence; 7

when My Day comes, the sun will turn as black as coarse sackcloth; the moon will be aflame and the very foundations of the earth will shake, and like entrails pouring out of an abdomen, the earth will vomit out its demons; when this happens, men will long for death but will not find it! then, the sky will roll like a scroll and immediately will dissolve in flames and all the elements will melt in the heat; 8 that day is coming and sooner than you think; I will fulfil these prophecies in your own lifetime;

when that Day comes, good and bad will perish alike; the bad for having displayed only wickedness and the good for not hearing My warnings; although you had seen many things, you did not observe them; and although your ears were open you did not hear Me; which of you is listening now?

….when all these things will have come to pass, I will re-erect My Perpetual Sacrifice into the Holy Place as it was in the days of old; immediately after, all the nations and all the inhabitants of the earth9 will worship Me and will acknowledge Me as the Sacrificial Lamb in the Perpetual Sacrifice – the ban will be lifted10 and My Perpetual Sacrifice will be in its Holy Place again; from thereon it will never be night again because My Presence11 will be shining on all of you; 12

then, once again, everyone will come and drink My Blood and eat My Body, recognising My Sacrifice; everyone will, with one voice and one heart, serve Me day and night in My Sanctuary, and I will spread My Word in each heart …. as for those who cried out to Me, repenting and admitting their sins, 13 they too will stand once more in front of Me, to serve Me, and they will never hunger nor thirst again; neither will the scorching wind ever plague them, 14 because My Presence will console them, and never again will they ask: “where is Your Wine?” or, “where is Your Bread? upon Whom shall we feed?” for now, Your Creator will be among you, and I promise you that I will dwell among you15 and I promise you that never again will the earth fall into such distress;

once more I will pour on you all, Peace and Security; and the eyes of those who see will no longer be closed and the ears of those who hear will be alert; hear Me, daughter, tell My people that: Your Saviour is coming and the prize of victory is with Him; His Name: Faithful and True, Lord of lords and King of kings; 16

2 Allusions to: Mt. 6:22-23 and Rv. 3:1-6. Sardis’ church.

3 The beast, the Lord had told me, represents the freemasons.

4 Allusion to Rv. 13:16-17.

5 Also as the Rebel. See 2 Th. 2:3-4.

6 The beast in Rv. 13:1-18 represents freemasonry.

9 Allusion to Rv. 6:15-17.

10 Rv. 22:3. The ban of the Perpetual Sacrifice.

11 In the Eucharist, the Holy Sacrifice.

13 The shepherds who repented before the Day of the Lord.