December 23, 1993

Master, the fig tree will begin to form its figs,
and the vines will start blossoming.

no, My bride, the fig tree has already formed its figs and the vines have already blossomed; daughter, can you not see? have you not noticed My Sign in heaven? 1 hear and write:

generation, I have been sending you, and I am still sending you, My angels, 2 to gather My chosen from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other, to stand ready because the Bridegroom soon will step out from heaven and will be with you; your world of today will wear out quickly; I am sending you My angels, to gather My elect, My people, to renew My Church; have you not noticed? have you not understood? do you still not perceive My Sign?

today My Holy Spirit raptures one out of two, enwraps him in His blazing Fire and sends him out to be a witness to the Most High; My Holy Spirit lifts one while leaving another one behind in the dust among dust; one is taken, one left; My Holy Spirit, like the wind, blows wherever it pleases; you hear its sound but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going;

My Holy Spirit, like a Bridegroom, appears in your days, to court you, seduce you and wed you; My Holy Spirit is laid like a precious cornerstone in your heart, to be the foundation stone of your faith, of your hope, of your love and of your zeal for Me, your God; My Holy Spirit in your days blows on you, this way and that way; His Breath is like a stream flowing in every direction, and everywhere this stream flows, fruit-trees sprout up with leaves that never wither but are medicinal, and everyone who eats from them is healed;

yes, My Holy Spirit is a life-giving spring, the inner Power of My Kingdom, raising disciples of Wisdom; My Holy Spirit builds, renews and embellishes, but the Deceiver destroys and batters to death all that is holy; how is it that you cannot perceive the dazzling Light of My Holy Spirit? like the light of seven days in one, My Holy Spirit shines today in heaven; is this Sign of the Son of Man appearing in heaven3 not enough for you? like a shepherd gathering his flock, My Holy Spirit gathers and saves the dispersed flock;

I am revealing things hidden and unknown to you; generation, at the favourable time I am revealing you these things; whether you turn right or left you will see the dazzling Sign in heaven of My Holy Spirit and your ears will hear:

“I Am He! 4 I Am is with you in heart; I Am is here to build your hopes, your strength, your faith and your love; My child, ‘koumi!’ rise now you who have perished long ago; rise now, My child, and take your place; – here is a shepherd’s staff, I will direct your soul to receive instruction: go out now and look for the rest of My strayed sheep; weary not on the way, My child, and if you do I shall carry you on My Shoulders; today, I, Myself, will rally My sheep ….”

ah, generation, how could you ask for more signs, more than the Sign of the Son of Man that I am giving you today? what man cannot, indeed, see My intentions? I speak the Truth, yet you do not believe that it is I who speaks; how is it you cannot grasp My Voice?

have you ever asked yourselves how have the paths of those living in the dust been straightened? have you asked yourselves who was it who opened the mouths of the dumb and gave Wisdom’s speech to the ignorant? and who was it who instructed the poor in spirit, the wretches as you call them? have you not heard that My Holy Spirit is indeed the Life-Giver? have you not understood how My Holy Spirit shuns in the presence of the proud of heart, but reveals His intimacy to the lowly?

My Holy Spirit today is given to you as a Great Sign in heaven, 5 a reflection of My Return; so long as your thoughts remain earthly you will be unable to grasp the things that are in heaven; have you not read: “Yahweh will appear above them and His arrow will flash like lightning”; 6 “see how Yahweh comes in fire? to assuage His anger with burning, His threats with flaming fire”; 7 the works of My Father are being carried out;

listen and understand: I have said that I will be coming to gather the nations of every language; many of you ask: “when is this going to happen and what will be the sign of Your coming?” I had forewarned you that when you would see the disastrous abomination, of which the prophet Daniel spoke, set up in the Holy Place; that is, when you see the Enemy8 take his place where he ought not to be, and that is in My Sanctuary, My Dwelling Place, 9 when you see this Rebel claiming to be so much greater than all that men call ‘god’, so much greater than anything that is worshipped, that he enthrones himself in My Sanctuary10 and claims that he is God, know that this was a foresign given before the Sign of the Son of Man appearing now in heaven to save you;

lift your heads and look at the sky for My heavenly Manna; stand erect, hold your heads high, because your liberation is at hand; how is it that My Holy Spirit cannot be noticed among so many of you? the deep and the earth tremble at My visitation so do not say anymore that justice is not being done, and that the Ark of the Covenant11 is far away, the Ark of the Covenant is right above you in the sky so that you witness My Glory;

if you eat from My Manna you will revive: you will be born again; so do not look for other signs; have you not heard that it is the Spirit that gives life? if certain among you do not believe, it is because you have not eaten this Manna; yes, it is My Holy Spirit who could give you an untarnished understanding to My mysteries; this heavenly food is the food of the poor and it is not bought with money; 12

sanctify yourselves and purify yourselves to enter the Garden, which is My Kingdom, I am giving you today this Sign of My Holy Spirit in heaven, it fills the whole world, and makes all things new, deploying His strength from one end of the earth to the other, and yet, many of you defy My Mercy and venture to say: “where are the signs from God? there is no Sign of the Son of Man appearing in heaven to prove to us that Sovereignty is at our gates;” and you lie in wait for My Spirit-anointed-ones since they annoy you and oppose your way of thinking! yes, the very sight of them weigh your spirit down; ah …. and the root of your understanding is decaying ….

I tell you: My Holy-Spirit-anointed-ones may appear to you frail, but they are well rooted in Me; hardly grown, but they are grafted on Me; and like an untarnished mirror I move them about, to flash My Words everywhere, and wherever they may be, I Am; and they will continue to flash My Words to you all, to lead you into My Kingdom; they will continue to reveal My Power even though you deal with them harshly, they will bear insult and calumny humbly to save you; they will not open their mouth to contradict you in the sight of all the nations, but will be like angels whose feet bring good news; they will continue to flash My Word like an untarnished mirror, proclaiming Salvation and heralding Peace and Love; and though they will be despised and rejected by many, they will bear their sufferings with dignity; lift up your eyes to the heavens and discern My Sign;

I am coming to restore My House; I am coming to renew you, generation; I am revealing My Holy Face to you all, to save you; O come! you who still waver, I tell you: from the beginning I have never spoken to you obscurely, and all the time these things have been happening;

I have been always present

and you, daughter, keep yourself untarnished so that My Light may reach to the ends of the earth; preach with accuracy all that My Spirit is giving you; I will encourage you, My daughter and My Own;

your Spouse is with you;

1 Allusion to Mt. 24:30.
2 Angels here stands for: messengers. The chosen ones sent by God to the world, carrying His Word.
4 Jn. 18:6 and 8.
5 Allusion to Mt. 24:30.
8 The Antichrist; today there are many antichrists, for they have as their guide, the spirit of Rebellion, which installed itself in the innermost part of their soul, there, where God ought to dwell.
9 Dwelling place: soul.
10 Allusion to Dn. 11:31 and 8:11 and 12:11. and Mt 24:15. As I said before, Jesus says to us that today already these signs are here: many antichrists, nevertheless, this prophecy of the Perpetual Sacrifice abolished, will come concretely: when the Apostasy and rebellion will be generalised, then the Antichrist, who is already among us, will appear openly. – “Yes Vassula!” (Editor’s note: Jesus answered Vassula, approving what she had explained in writing.)
11 Heb. 9:4. The Ark of the Covenant contained a jar. Inside the jar was kept the manna that fell from heaven to feed Moses and the Jews while crossing the desert. – Jesus makes an allusion to this manna to talk about His Holy Spirit: as Celestial Manna.
12 The rich in spirit cannot receive the Kingdom of God. Allusion to the beatitude: Blessed are the poor in spirit, theirs is the kingdom of heaven.