December 20, 1993

My Lord?

I Am;

Let the eyes of those
who do not see Your signs
remain no longer closed.
Let the ears that no longer hear,
open and become alert.

Let the heart that
never understands Your Wisdom,
open and understand Your proverbs.
Let their spirit cultivate
all that You Yourself planted,
to glorify You.

I shall visit you all in the end …. 1 and you, My daughter, do not let discouragement take the best of you; your race is not yet finished, so do not diminish your speed; I will help you and My Voice you shall hear to hearten your soul; listen now and write:

in the beginning when you did not know what Integrity meant, in the beginning before Wisdom came to instruct you My Word, I had sent you in those days My servant Daniel2 to touch your heart and bring you to Me; I thus came to raise one of the lowest of mankind; it was by My Grace and Strength I made you Mine; Sovereignty dined with you and used you as His harp to enchant many of His household with His Love Hymn; rejoice, daughter, for I mean to complete your life’s journey with you!

in the beginning, before My Fire crosses through you, I had sent My servant Daniel to ask you to read the book of Daniel for in it are relevant truths; truths and prophecies that should be unsealed to be understood then proclaimed; they are the signs of the end of times; therefore, the book of Daniel that was sealed and the words in it kept secret are now being revealed to you all in their fullness;

I have been saying to all of you that your generation has apostatised and that this apostasy would creep into the heart of My Sanctuary affecting priests, bishops and cardinals; you see, daughter, I am talking about those apostates who are betraying My Church and are opposing My chosen one, the Vicar of My Church, who holds their rebellion back; but it was said that Satan will set to work in your times to destroy all that is good and will spring in pursuit of those whom I am sending you with My Merciful calls, that could have saved you; My calls and My signs from Heaven have not been grasped by those apostates but are rejected; yet everything evil that can lead their soul into further darkness and destruction will be welcomed by them instead; they would welcome the Lie and reject the Truth;

it has been said3 that, for a time, two times, and a half time, 4 My people would be under their persecution and the dominion of the beast; 5 it has been said that they will, with the help of this beast, consider changing the Traditions and My Law and are planning to remove the Perpetual Sacrifice, trample it underfoot and crush it and in its place erect the disastrous abomination, a lifeless image …. and every saint I am sending you in your generation will be put into their power;

today you are all watching how these prophecies are being fulfilled; influenced by the beast, these apostates6 are making war on every saint I am sending you, proving today to be the stronger, 7 and as for those8 who reject My calls of today with no reason at all, in My Day they will make this confession:

9 “O Lord, we have been blind and we have sinned, we have indeed wronged You and we have betrayed your commandments and your Law; we have refused to listen to your servants the prophets, who spoke in Your Name to all the world; Lord, we have not listened to Your Merciful Calls nor taken any counsel; God, we paid no attention to Your manifest signs, we have been ridiculing all of them because we have sinned against you; we flouted Scriptures, had we not, we would have accepted Your Sign in heaven10 and the gifts of your Holy Spirit, but we turned our eyes away not to see lest we see and get converted; and the curse and imprecation written in Scriptures will come pouring down on us now – because we have indeed sinned against You; and now, now that the Holy Sacrifice has been abolished to whom can we turn to? on what can we feed our souls? how could we quench our thirst? how could we obtain Life now? all the desolation of the abomination You predicted, but kept secret, has now come true; our distress is unparalleled since we first came into existence;” 11

12 Vassula, My Love will sustain you; allow Me, My dearest soul, ever so fragile, to use you entirely, be My silent witness; 13 come;

1 I understand: by Fire. God will visit us all by Fire and everyone will listen, see and understand.
2 My guardian angel.
4 Meaning: Three and a half years.
6 The apostates are those, according to Our Lord, ecclesiastics influenced by the freemasons. These apostates are noted in Rv. 13:11. They are as the second beast, alias the false prophet.
8 The good shepherds, but sceptical and closed.
10 Mt. 24:30; Dn. 7:13-14. I understood the following: Manifestation from the Holy Spirit, that comes now, with power, gathering God’s people. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is a Heavenly Sign to renew the Church, in other words to establish the New Jerusalem.
12 The Lord stopped His dictation but had not finished His message due to its length. I understood that He will continue later.
13 By writing.