December 15, 1993

Vassula, renew your vows to Me;

Jesus Christ, my Lord and my God,
I shall never give You up or sell You
no matter what they do to me.

for My Name’s sake, they will hound you, ridicule you and soil your name, will you still keep your vows of fidelity to Me?

They have already hounded me,
ridiculed me and soiled my name.
For Your Name’s sake they calumniated me,
yet I have kept my vows.
You are my Saviour and my King,
this is why I will never give You up, my Lord.

My dove, will you stand by Me till the end and until death?

Jesus Christ,
my Lord and my Saviour,
I will defend Your Name till the end.
I will never give You up.

when a man has had a great deal given him, a great deal will be demanded of him …. I have given you a great deal on trust; I expect, Vassula of My Passion, even more of you now; but I will grant you My faithful Love as your support and My Strength; I am going to watch over you very closely ….. 1

2 try your best and I shall do the rest …. come now and lean on Me;

1 Jesus’ demands kept me silent…
2 …then as if to cheer me up, He changed tone and light-heartedly told me to try my best for He shall do the rest.