December 13, 1993

(Prophecy on Russia)

God, Lord Almighty,
bind me more to You,
bind me in Your Eternal Love.

I Am is with you and I shall never fail you; you are bound to Me …. now I have called you and you responded; write, My Vassula: your sister Russia will honour Me in the very end and one day will be called holy for I shall be her Ruler; once again, integrity will live there …. yes?

Lord, corruption is penetrating in her now ….

I will lower her eyes ….

I do not understand in which way, Lord, will You lower her eyes.

very well, I will tell you then: by the brilliance of My majesty1 then I will come and rest in her heart ….

Lord, she still lives in the blackness of sin, and anguish.

those who have taken the wrong turning will fall; I will destroy the luxurious forces with My Fire and the proud will be brought low; I intend to rebuild My House and I shall adopt her sons and daughters to honour Me; Vassula, do not just stand there bewildered and uncomprehending; I tell you, your sister Russia will be the head2 of many nations and will glorify Me in the end; listen carefully and understand:

her shepherds will be gathering

while treaties will be breaking elsewhere, and while rebellion will be working its way elsewhere to abolish the Perpetual Sacrifice, Russia’s shepherds will be gathering to restore My House, reverencing the Perpetual Sacrifice, worshipping and honouring Me;

when in the last days nation after nation will decline and pervert itself for having erected the disastrous abomination in the Holy Place, Russia’s shepherds will be gathering to sanctify her altars;

and while others3 will be reverencing a lifeless form, an invention of human skill, an unbreathing image, Russia’s shepherds will be gathering, glorifying Me, for I, God, will preserve her Integrity;

and while efforts very evilly are being spent elsewhere to shorten the days of My mouthpieces, since they are the hope of this world, Russia’s shepherds will be gathering, to protect My Holy Sacrifice, and I, for My part, will be setting My Throne in her, and I will assemble all those who bear My Name together for My Glory;

I will repair her broken altars, for many who live under My Name will side up with her in the end, and her shepherds will, with one hand, and one spirit re-erect My tottering House; what had once been twisted will now be straightened, and I will adorn Russia with impressive vestments because of her zeal in Me; I will place her shepherds at the head of innumerable nations; I have engraved her with the seal of consecration to offer Me, once more, incense and an appeasing fragrance; this is why I will overwhelm her shepherds with miracles;

“Russia, My Loyalty and My Gentleness will sanctify you; Russia, My daughter, acknowledge Me entirely and I promise you on oath to exalt your descendants like stars and give them sacred vestments; acknowledge Me entirely, Russia, and I will annihilate all your opponents; I will, if you acknowledge Me wholly, do fresh wonders in you to prove to everyone living under the sun, My Mercy and My Holiness;”

I am ready to show My Compassion on her and I will not be slow if she welcomes Me eagerly; I will not delay to show her how I, the Almighty, can eliminate the arrogant and break their lawless sceptres; but,4 if she will perverse the liberty I have just given her and will put Me out of her mind, even for just a while, I will allow an enemy to invade her …. if Russia will not come back to me with all her heart and acknowledge Me with an undivided heart, as her Saviour, I will send a vast and mighty host in her and from her to all nations, a host such as has never been before, such as will never be again to the remotest ages, and the sky will turn black and will tremble, and the stars will lose their brilliance ….

“today I am ready to make up to you, Russia, for the years you suffered and I can still snatch you all from the blaze, were you to acknowledge Me fully; seek good and not evil, have you already forgotten your famine and your drought?5 …. I have pushed back the red dragon and destroyed the luxuriance of his empire; I humbled the proud, I have opened the prison gates and freed your captives, I overthrew the kingdom of the red dragon that had coiled in your womb, that one that made the earth tremble turning your land into a wasteland; to honour My Name again in you, I have opened your Churches one after the other, I called you by your name that Day:


to rejoice and be glad, and to celebrate the Feast of My Transfiguration, 7 I transfigured your image instantly; your misery of oppression was your punishment for the crimes of the world; and now I am waiting to be gracious to you, Russia, for in the end you will glorify Me, I tell you, while others will be destroying you will be building; while many will be falling, your shepherds will be rising, if you put your trust in Me; and, while some of My Own, sitting at table with Me, will be wickedly betraying Me, you, you will be the one who will stretch out your hand to defend My Name, My Honour and My Sacrifice, and so every one of your sins will have been paid;

“you will then step forward, loyally, and save your brother, your brother who was the prey of the evil one; you will resurrect the Church into One, and Justice will come to live in Her; Justice will bring Peace and everlasting security; happy will you be, singing praises to Me; rich will you be, for the loyalty you showed towards your King, He will repay you a hundredfold; and there where treaties were broken, prophets despised and killed, there where much offence was sown and threats pronounced reaching the heavens with an uproar, there, My beloved, there your shepherds’ noble voices will call out:

“‘Salvation! priests and ministers of the Most High, salvation will only be found in Love! Peace! shepherds of the Reflection of the Father, peace will only be found in Forgiveness; Unity! unity, brothers of the Light thrice holy and Who is One in Three, Three in One Light, will only be found by intermarrying! may our Lord Almighty, the Irresistible One, render us worthy of His Name, may He grant us to be one in His Name; Eternal Father, let us be so completely one that the rest of the world will realise that it was You who sent the Sacrificial Lamb to glorify You and have Your Name known;’

“thus you will ravage the Divider and you will repair what had been undone; Russia, your role is to honour Me and glorify Me; the Festivity has yet to come, but it depends from you in which manner that Day will come:

do not let Me make you return to Me by fire,
but with bonds of Peace;”

Vassula, allow Me to write through your hand; you are imperfect yet in your imperfection I will glorify My Name, My House and My Heritage; Love loves you and is with you every single minute of your life; rejoice! I Jesus am with you;

1 I understood by a purification, for when God reveals Himself and shines in a soul, the contrast of Light within darkness is so great that the soul sees vividly its imperfections and suffers a lot.

2 Spiritually.

3 The apostates.

4 Suddenly God’s Voice dropped and became sad and very grave. It saddened me profoundly.

5 Spiritually.

6 From USSR to Russia.

7 The Lord predicted to transfigure Russia in a Message. The fall of the communism happened in the week of the Orthodox Feast of Transfiguration.