December 7, 1993

Vassula of My Sacred Heart, peace be with you;

although you were not the one who sought Me, I have favoured you and in your wretchedness I have come to you; although you were not apt for this mission I decided to raise you with My Power to go out and conquer an irreligious and wicked world with My Message; never fear for I am with you; remain faithful to Me and do not let your heart be troubled when My Message is not accepted by some; it is My Message and not yours, is it not? you are only to transmit and not to worry for the rest; daughter, from the beginning My Father and I warned you that you will have much opposition for what saves is despised by the world;

I tell you again as never before: you are My servant and you will never be greater than Me, your Master; no messenger is greater than the One who sent him; you have seen My Wounds, you too will bear them because you are with Me, but do not worry, Love is by your side to cheer you up and as the Father had sent Me to testify the greatness of His Love and glorify His Name, so am I too sending you;

I had been sent to make His Name known, and I said that I will continue to make it known and so I am; My Word is Truth; do not be surprised when I descend now and then to remind you of the Father, so now, you too, daughter, be My witness; I have chosen a few to manifest My Power in them and reveal to the world the fathoms of My Riches to glorify My Name; in your days, I and My Mother appear to a number of people; I have signed My Name in oil all over them to enable them too to carry out the work I have given them; pray for these souls that they may accomplish their mission with zeal too to glorify Me;

Vassula, My Property, I, your Lord, am your Strength; come then without delay and draw from Me, fill up your resources! I have adorned your head with My Thorned Crown and clothed your body with My Signature; My Words, I have engraved all over you with My Finger; and you have become My living Tablet; My Command I have given you: to serve and to love Me, your Lord, with zeal, love Me as I love you, be perfect in your love! I have commanded you to prosper My Vineyards; I have chosen you among misery to adopt you, then I overwhelmed you with True Knowledge and anointed you making you Mine;

although the Enemy, out of jealousy, joined His forces against you to destroy My beloved, you will go by unscathed; and as the sun and the moon shine on all things, My Holy Countenance will shine on you1 as a blessing, confirming that I Am is the true and only Author of:

True Life in God

and that you are My gift to mankind, this is the manner by which I will seal My Message…. immense is My Mercy and My Glory …. I shall continue to use you as My altar on which I will place every sacrifice you offer Me; all that you offer Me with love will be appeasing and relenting My Father’s wrath; then, when your services are completed:

the Ceremony will be over

nothing can be added more …. I shall indeed be with you soon, beloved;

1 When Christ annihilates me and appears entirely in my place, as witnessed by many, in different nations.