June 30, 1993

Lord, I am ready to learn.

come then and learn! Wisdom is your Educator;

Vassula, pray for your priests; 1 elevate your soul to Me and live in Me, in My Love; feel My Love, today The Shepherd is calling; today the Shepherd is looking for His lost and scattered sheep; His Voice is heard by many, yet not all recognise His Voice, 2 some are even scandalised by His Voice; all who are Mine will return to Me; all the sheep that belong to Me will hear My Voice and will rejoice at the sound of My Footsteps;

those that do not recognise My Voice are no sheep of Mine; I had hired men to keep My fold until My Return, but hardly had I left, just barely had I stepped out than the hired men took to the cities after high seats; have you not read: 3 “trouble is coming to the worthless shepherd who deserts the flock!” this is why I am continually reminding you that My Kingdom is among you all; I have never ceased to remind you of the truths I Myself have given you; now will I not see justice done to My sheep? sheep that are dying for lack of pasture? Scripture cannot be rejected, and My Word is something alive and active, but in your apostatised heart you have apostatised My Word within you, shepherd;

Who is faithful in Your House, Lord?

those who do not claim they see, 4 are faithful; those who, from the beginning, never opened their eyes nor pretended they were like gods, knowing good and evil, 5 are faithful and true; the shepherds who tended My sheep and remained with them with a staff in their hand and have not taken impressive vestments6 nor sat on My Throne7 with a sceptre claiming they are God, 8 are faithful; those who laid down their life for My sheep are My true shepherds who can lay claim to what is given them by the Spirit; you will recognise them from the wounds on their body, wounds they received in the house of their friends; 9 but soon there will be no more traders when My Day comes;

1 The Greek Metropolitans were quarrelling.

6 Vestments is for honours.

9 Shepherds too, but unfaithful.