July 4, 1993

My God, my ONLY love,
I am thirsty for Your Fountain.
In spite of the conspiracy and the falsehood
my accusers are building up against me
I am living Heaven,
for You have indeed given me Your Kingdom in my soul
and You, who are the delight of my wretched soul,
take pleasure in reigning over me;

You have widened the space of my soul
to stretch out: Love, Patience, Forgiveness;
You have shifted the final signal post of my race for a further mile,
so great is Your Love for us, so great is Your endurance,
so rich is Your forgiveness and Your patience.
No, Your Heart cannot see anyone lost,
for Your salvation reaches to the ends of the earth.

I will share this extra mile with you, anointed by My Hand, model your conduct on Mine and learn from Me; so dear to Me; bear in this last mile, My Cross; I am most powerful and My Strength will be poured in you in this last mile, and my Light will continue to shine in you so that you may glorify Me; never get exhausted in your encounters with Me; you have seen nothing yet of My Mysteries, so do not be awed whenever I come to you in this way visiting you ….