May 30, 1993

In You I take shelter.
I live at peace under Your Light
and all my waking hours My God
I reflect upon Your Goodness
and now all I look forward to is to dwell near You.
If I lament like a beggar now and then
with tears flowing before You
it is because You have by Your side
a hungry and thirsty companion.

You said: “I am going to water My orchard,
I intend to irrigate My flower beds”, and so You have.
You said: “Over every people and nation
My Message like mist will spread
covering the earth with it,” and so it has.

and have I not said that I will pour out teaching on you like prophecy, opening your mouth in My Assemblies and ministering before every nation?

And so You have.

approach Me then without fear! have I not with My Own Hand spread My Message like a terebinth? mere creature of flesh, then, why doubt? open your lips and give Me your answer!

True, Lord of Holiness, anybody else in my place would have been well on the way to sanctity, had You showed them what You showed me: the Secrets of Wisdom.

the Grace I have given you is so that I accomplish My great Plan on humanity; My Message will be like a Lamp shining on a lamp-stand, shedding its light in the darkness of your era, revealing in My Light, My Presence and My Beauty, revealing your God as He is:

Companion and Prince-of-Peace,
Eternal Father and Counsellor,

come, continue to speak words of Knowledge; be My Echo …. 1 ah, one more thing, a simple reminder: I and you are united, anyone who is united with Me takes the same road I had taken, the road to Calvary;

anyone who follows the Supreme Victim becomes part of the Victim; you are part of Me, a remnant of My Body …. offer your life in atonement and come with Me in the valley of Death; 2 that is where I will pour out My Spirit, that is where I will pour out My Love to revive every dry bone; your work is in that valley, Vassula; I intend to overflow it with the River of Life; I, who am the Resurrection and the Life, intend to flower these dry bones of that Valley; I will show My Compassion and My Love by raising the dead from their graves, leading them back into My House; and with Me in My House, their table will be full, their cup I will fill and brim over and My Sacred Heart will be their Holy Companion; I shall make one single Body out of all those dry bones now lying scattered in the Valley of Death; yes, like in the prophet Ezekiel’s3 vision, I ask you the same question: “Can these bones live?”

No. Not without Your intervention. Not without Your putting life into them, my Lord, for they are quite dry and lifeless.

I am going to revive them;

I am the Resurrection;

I shall put sinews on them, thus the scattered bones will be joined together4 then flesh will grow on them, I shall cover them with skin and give them breath, so that they live; I shall make out of them5 one single Body …. and bring them back to life again; I shall send My Holy Spirit to blow through Its6 nostrils a most powerful Breath which will revive It and make It stand up once more on Its feet to Glorify Me; “I shall pour crystal-clear Water7 over you8 from My Throne to cleanse you from all defilement, and I shall pour out My Holy Spirit to live in your midst; My Holy Spirit will be given to you to become your Heart; then, I, Myself, will anoint this Body and the light I will give in your9 eyes will be My Own Divine Light, it will be from My radiant Glory, 10 and like a warrior you shall walk fearless for I will be your Torch11 walking before you, showing you the way; you will need no lamplight, as I Myself will be your Light; 12

all the other nations13 upon seeing your Beauty will follow your step, bringing their treasure and their wealth14 offering them together with themselves to you; and in your15 hand I will place an iron sceptre dressing you in majesty and splendour” …. this is how My Spirit will unite every single one of you in the end16 and every one will believe it was the Father who sent Me, 17 every one will recognise Me as the Sacrificial Lamb; 18

Show Your Strength now, my Lord,
You are all-powerful,
and come and UNITE Your Body.
Your Holy Spirit has the power to renew us;
come Holy Spirit and with Your Fire, melt us,
since we are like stiff iron bars, unbending,
come and melt us into one solid bar;
melt our hardened hearts!

ah Vassula! increase your prayers for Unity, do not be tempted saying that I shall not hear you! your prayers are like a thousand gems in My Eyes, a sweet melody in My Ears; do not be amazed, I have set My Kingdom in your heart and I, your King am reigning over you; I conferred Wisdom to you to advance you, and others too, spiritually; I have been looking for someone to form with My Strength and thrust in the world, as one thrusts a net in the sea, to bring Me souls; frail you are, but I rejoice in your frailty;

listen now: I will melt you all! 19 I will put you all in a melting-pot together, and as a fire stoked underneath the pot, I will melt you all down; My Kingdom20 shall not remain divided, come, we us?


1 It looked like He was ending His Message, and as though He remembered something He said: “ah!”

2 Jesus means where all the spiritually dead are to be found.

4 I understood that the Lord was speaking of our division, the division in the Church, comparing us to dry and scattered bones.

5 The bones.

6 The Body.

8 God speaks to the Body as all of us, His Church.

9 Jesus speaks of His Church, the renewal of His Church, the New Jerusalem.

13 “All the other nations” means that, in the end every one will recognise Christ as the Son of God, thus Jesus’ Prayer is accomplished. Jn. 17:21.

15 God was speaking of the renovated Church.

16 Allusion to Rv. 6:15-17.

17 Jn. 17:21. Allusion to Rv. 6:16.

18 Rv. 6:16. (The conversion of the world to Christianity.)

20 The Church on earth.