April 23, 1993

(Our Blessed Mother.)

I bless you, My child; Christos annesti!

Alithos annesti!!1

ecclesia will revive! courage! Satan can put obstacles in your path but I am near you to remove them; when one decides for God one should leave everything to follow Him; all that you do is not in vain;

Vassula, there is a baptism to come and what a great baptism that will be! Jesus will baptise the earth with Fire; until then I shall keep appearing; so now is the time of repentance, now is the time of reconciliation; I tell you, dear children, the sacrifice God asks of you today is to change your lives and live holy;

God is asking every soul to repent; do not say that you are too wretched for God to forgive you, and that the Most High will not be compassionate anymore; God comes to you all, even to the most wretched; return to God and He will return to you; come and make your home in His Heart as He makes His in yours;

let it be known that without earnest prayers you will not be able to see the Kingdom of God; His reign on earth is at hand; remember, what God wants of you is a change of heart; do not be afraid to acknowledge your sins; live and practise the sacrament of confession;

My children, I bless you all;

1 Our Blessed Mother greeted me in Greek, in an Orthodox manner, after Easter. In the Orthodoxy we have as custom after Easter when one meets with another to greet each other by saying “Christ has risen.” The other one replies: “He has truly risen!”