May 2, 1987

I am Jesus,

Jesus, I sense that You are about to give me an important message; according to the pattern. Evil attacking me to discourage my writing.

I have a message for those who love Me, 1 and immolate their souls for Me; I wish to encourage them giving them Strength;

I, the Word, will manifest My words through this weak instrument; I will descend on earth through this Message, letting My Light shine on you all;

I bless you, beloved of My Soul; I love you! I have within Me in the depths of My Intimate Soul, a Living and Inexhaustible Flame; I am Purity and Devotion and an abyss of Wealth; My beloved; come and draw from Me, saturating your hearts come and sip from Me; come and penetrate into My open Wounds; come and immerse your souls in My Blood! drink from My Living Fountain so that you will be able to submerge, irrigating this desolate wilderness, healing My lambs;

draw from this Living Flame and let It engulf your hearts! I love you to a degree your minds can never grasp; come; do not weary bearing My Holy Cross for I am with you, bearing It with you; follow Me and keep close to Me, place your feet into My footprints, do not weary of striving and suffering, glorify Me and let your voices rise in Heaven like the sweet smell of incense;

praise Me; let Me rejoice, let Me delight in you; let Me delight in your love for Me; fill up your heart from this Infinite Love and let It flow out on My lambs, healing them;

let every living creature on earth feel My warmth; let every cold and petrified heart melt and dissolve in My Purity, integrating in My Body and becoming one with Me! let every shadow of the past, revive into a living soul, full of Integrity, Peace, and Love; make an Eden of my creation!

unite! unite and be one, for I, God, am One; unity brings strength, unite; be My devout sowers, sowing My seeds of Peace and Love;

I have created grains that will yield into a heaven on earth, for My Kingdom on earth will be as in Heaven; take My grains which lie in My Heart, purified by My Blood, and scatter them all over; I am bearing those seeds, beloved, and I desire that you enter into My Heart and draw them; seek unity;

I will heal My flowers, I will fragrance them, I will flourish them, I will embellish My garden, I will irrigate your hearts, I will revive you;

Creation! I love you! I will shine on you and let My warm Rays dissolve those heavy dark thunder clouds, scattering them away, dispersing them; My Light will pierce them and all darkness and evil that laid heavily upon you will disappear; this darkness that brought you only weakness, wretchedness and wickedness;

My Warm Rays will revive all My flowers and I will pour from Heaven My dew of Righteousness, Holiness, Purity, Integrity, Peace and Love; I am your Devout Keeper with a vigilant eye on you, remember I am the Light of this world; I am the Word;

peace be with you all; glorify Me; lean on Me; strive and do not weary bearing My Cross, healing My children;

My Vassula, never weary of writing; I love you; Wisdom will instruct you;

I Love You, Lord. May Your will be done.

1 All priests, religious, sisters, brothers, all those who love Him truly.