February 2, 1993

(I called the Lord but I could not hear Him. It made me sad. Suddenly the silence was broken by the sound of His step. 1 And He spoke to me, reproaching me.)

My Spirit is upon you; day and night I have been waiting for you! 2 respect My rules! why do you hold back our encounters? now you say, “how long will this last?” 3 when only a few minutes went by; whereas I, I have been waiting for you several days! until when will I put up with you? you say, your joy lies in being close to Me; wretched you are for good! puny little creature, do not forget who holds you on your feet; I have treated you kindly and I have been your Support; explain then to Me your absence!

Give the poor and needy another chance!
I delight in nothing else on earth than Your Presence!

choose then to be with Me! I called you to My Heart, I have not called you to administration;

But who will do the work?

you have not admitted your sin! 4

Yes, I sinned for not keeping Your rules;

and for not being faithful to Me, say it!

and for not being faithful to You.


I will praise my Lord
and my soul will live for Him alone
and I will serve Him alone,
and my lips will sing for Him alone,
and my heart will pay attention to Him alone,
and now, my heart will beat for Him alone;
amen; 5

can the dust praise Me? can it proclaim praises to Me? no, not unless My Spirit lives inside this dust; without Me you are nothing; the light in your eyes comes from My Light; I will teach you to obey Me for I will level you to the ground; how else will I be seen? I mean to progress you into holiness; I will crown all My plans with success, so do not deny Me from meeting you; do your work as far as you can, but take care not to neglect the better part;

rely on Me to give you support and reinforce you; pray; we, us?

1 Figurative.
2 For three days I did not go to Him in this way.
3 His absence and His silence.
4 The Lord was more severe here than before.
5 I repeated it after Him.