January 6, 1993

Jesus? Beloved One of the Father,
my country’s1 fields are ravaged, 2
they have now become the haunt of the lizard and the spider,
are You no longer there?
Are You no longer in this nation?
Why does it make no progress?
Why are You leaving them far behind?
Death has crept in under their doors …
Son of the Almighty God,
when will You display Your Holiness in this nation? …
“Vassilia mou, yiati kles?” 3

I weep on her excessive pride …. how am I to deal with their excessive pride? they do not listen to My Spirit and are following the dictates of their own proud hearts;

Truthfully, Lord of all Holiness,
am I not doing my best to serve You,
am I not interceding for Unity?
Can I bend iron with my bare hands? 4
Your Fire though can do it.
Your Wealth and Your Treasures of Your Sacred Heart can do it.

then I will have to ask more from you …. I will have to ask more from you; all that you give Me will be to bind you all together in love, and enlighten your hearts so that your spirit may open to My Spirit who will teach you the depths of your Father in Heaven, and the hidden jewels of Wisdom;

Poverty is at Your Feet, to serve You Almighty One.

yes! trust Me; I will always uphold you, so do not fear; …. look at Me …. My palate is dryer than parchment and the Father will not bear this sight much longer; the world is offending Him and His whole Kingdom; the world has become so wicked, and My Arm cannot much longer hold away His Arm from falling upon you;5 ….

iron can be melted, so do not lose courage … do not forget that I have posted you with a sword in your hand, to flash like lightning, for the proud, these News, I have given you to carry, displease mightily their heart; They trouble their spirit and cause their knees to tremble; as for your nation, I will melt it down as one melts iron: with Fire… and they will advance into holiness;

(Message to someone from the Sacred Heart.)

Something6 which has existed, can never die, Something which revives fervour and brings visible life in My Church will never extinct;

you are witnessing the revival of My Sacred Heart with your own eyes and of the One whom you say: “I know Him and I love Him;” what is being carried out today does not go without suffering and sacrifice; I will keep alive the Devotion of My Sacred Heart and all that I have taught surrounding it; this is My Own promise; you have been given to witness the revival of My Sacred Heart so that you could give your testimony; to be the sacrifice of the One who takes your sins away is a privilege;

I accept the testimony you are giving Me in My Spirit; so what you are seeing with your own eyes is the fulfilment of your times;

1 Greece.

2 Spiritually.

3 Greek: “My King, why do You weep?”

4 The iron rods of my vision representing the three Christian Churches.

5 Suddenly Our Lord stopped, and looked at me, as if He remembered something, then spoke.

6 The Sacred Heart.