November 5, 1992

peace, My little one; raised by Me, enter into My Sacred Heart; you will overcome your oppressors; yes, every single one will fall;

I am weak and far from being strong …

keep in your mind that I Am is the Rock and your strength will come from this Rock; altar? I will look after you; you must leave Me free to purify you; blemishes in your soul sadden Me and are a horror to Me; My altar I want without blemish, I want pure; I want to clothe you in splendid robes; bless Me, I who am your counsellor;

I bless You, Lord Jesus.

I need to plunder you and make you poor, I love poverty; earthborn, have you nothing to tell Me?

I am Your victim
and it is with You and into Your Hands
I want to be,
to be able to feel what You felt when on earth.
I want to taste You.

I will grant you to taste Me if this is what you sigh for …. I will, if you allow Me, subdue you to My Will; …. and you will learn how great is My Name and how perfect is the One who made you these advances ….