October 20, 1992

(Russia – Moscow)

Russia will honour You in her poverty. Perhaps UNITY will come through her since You say that she will be the one who will glorify You most. Weren’t these Your Sighs of Your sacerdotal Prayer to the Father?

come, write:

My Peace I give you;
I am the Resurrection,

and resurrection shall soon take place in My daughter Russia; do not be judge of her sons and daughters so that I will not be compelled to judge you; were anyone perfect among you, you would still count for nothing in My Perfection; soon the Glory will be given to Me in its fullness and Russia will govern the rest of My children in holiness;

I, the Lord, am asking you for your prayers, your sacrifices and expiations so that all these things may lead My Russia near Me; in her wretchedness I will show My Mercy, in her weakness, My Power and My Authority, in her nothingness

all that I Am

and in her aridity I shall make Rivers flow out of her, I shall uproot in her all that is not Me and in these empty spaces, plant My Graces in her; I shall plant seeds of Love and Peace,

“Russia, it is not long ago since you broke your alliance with Me, burst your bonds and said: ‘I will not serve You!’ now I shall give you children who will proclaim My Name in Holiness and say: ‘blessed is He who restored our sight and touched our heart; blessed is He who changed our ways healing us;’ then, with Me in you and you in Me,

you will live

and with Our Two Hearts in your heart you will give Me the Glory foretold;”

Vassula, My bride, for My sake, pray for the full conversion of Russia;

I, the Lord, bless you, My child; never forget that I am He who loves you most; My Heart can be touched ….

(Later on that evening I was invited with a friend by a Russian Orthodox priest who works for Unity to assist a meeting on Tradition. The Lady President said that anyone who wants to speak from the audience, will have eight minutes.

The Russian Orthodox priest asked the President on a piece of paper which was passed on to her, whether I could speak to the crowd too. I presume she knew who I was because she sent back a note saying ‘no’.

The priest again wrote a second note, sent it to her, and her reply was once more negative. It was becoming a matter now for the angels to intervene. I called my angel, and asked him to gather the other angels who surround me to go and speak to her angel and make her change her mind.

Just then I felt Jesus intervening, as though He was asking Me: “What are you doing!?” “I am sending my angels …” He said: “I have told you before sending you to Russia that you were going to go only as a pilgrim, this time!” I suddenly remembered. But I said like a spoilt child: “O Lord! please, I will not make a discourse; just give me three minutes, just to introduce Your Message, nothing more. It is such an occasion Lord!” Hardly had I finished my words when the President suddenly sent another note allowing me eight minutes of speech. But the Good Lord nevertheless, gave me ten whole minutes ….)