October 21, 1992

Vassula, write: 1 “… and every tree of the field will learn that I, Yahweh, am the one who stunts tall trees and makes the low ones grow, who withers green trees and makes the withered green; I, Yahweh, have spoken and I will do it;”

daughter, every time anyone wounds you, My Heart, an Abyss of Love, opens wide for you to absorb you in its depths; I repay every one of your wounds with Tenderness and Kisses from My Mouth …. daughter, are you willing to accept the crosses I am giving you?

…. I have asked you a question ….

Suffering has become my daily bread,
but what an honour to share it with You.
You come daily into my room
to share my meal, side by side with me.
You sup with me sharing my daily bread.
You are my Sacrificer,
pitilessly You bend Your bow aiming at me
and Your arrows are raining on the Target You have chosen.
You make my soul leap like on fire, from Your arrows.
And yet, when I do not have this bread,
I ask: “Where is the bread that burns up one’s heart?”

My generosity and My kindness are not yet exhausted; the favours I have favoured you with will be renewed, for My Burning Love will consume you to ashes, and I will make your soul drunk to thirst for My arrows; you shall not be deprived …. so rejoice and exult for to you in turn My Cup I will pass ….

I mean to bring nation after nation to live under My shadow, and believe that the Father sent Me; 2 yes, the Day will come when all the earthly rulers, the governors and the commanders, the rich people and the men of influence, the whole population3 will recognise Me as the Christ, Son of the Living God; and from every place, men will lift their hands up reverently in prayer and worship, all in one voice and heart;

for this I need victim souls, for this I need collaborators; so do not fear men, My Eyes watch over you; if one person loves anointing My Name and others lack charity, challenging Me, to which one will the Master offer His heritage? My daughter, be in peace; I resent those who testify My Word yet scoff and mock Me in others; let them make their peace with Me;

and you, My daughter, do not wriggle in My Hands, allow Me to sweep away the particles hindering My passage in your soul, let Me proceed without your objecting; you do not need reminders with engraved inscriptions, I want My passage free; I have, as you said, favoured you to hear My Voice; I have allowed your soul to stretch out and touch Me; what have you felt? what did your fingertips feel around My Heart? petals of roses? no? then what did you feel? different bouquets of chosen flowers? oh no, those who receive bouquets of flowers are loved; then what did your hands feel? thorns? yes, and much more than a crown of thorns: you have felt the lance’s blade …. I want you to expiate for all those who offend Me and wound Me;

I am determined to perfect you by aiming My arrows on you, by bowing you and making you obedient and humble; your soul will learn to endure the ordeal of being openly and publicly calumniated and ridiculed, since you are unable to deign to bow low, My intervention then is necessary; I would not want you to appear to Me in the last minute unacceptable; My very core is yearning for your perfection so do not ever complain about those who calumniate you in written form and in public; your sufferings glorify Me so let your soul thirst for such offences made upon you, what greater gift could I offer a soul who still is so far from perfection? come close to Me and rely on My pardon;

(Later on:)

(This message was for (…). The Father spoke.)

look, presents and gifts I do not receive many, the offering and the generosity of him whom I have chosen to counsel you pleases Me; “beg Me to guide your steps into this task so that you may proceed into the truth; I find My delight when you hear Me; speak of My instructions before My children, tell them that Yahweh, your Eternal Father, Father of all, asks them to seek His Face now and then ….”

(Yahweh continues:)

praise Me, Vassula, pray and be concerned only for My Interests; I, Yahweh, bless you from the core of My Heart; I love you!

1 The Lord asked me to write from Ezk. 17:24.