October 1, 1992

Lord, let Your Holy Face smile again on Your desolate properties; 1 do not delay, reveal Your Glory now! Many are putting obstacles to obstruct Your messages, come!

My beloved, when your pleading began, a word was uttered and I have come to tell you what it is; do you believe that I am the beloved Son of God, Jesus Christ, speaking to you?

Yes, Lord, I believe!

would I not then see Justice done to you, My chosen one, who supplicate Me day and night? these people are challenging My Power; when the measure of their iniquities is full, they will have to face Me as the


meanwhile, devote yourself to My Sacred Heart; serve and do not wait to be served so that My Father in Heaven allots you a place in heaven; in being faithful to Me you will undergo great persecutions, but have I not promised you that you will no longer be hungry or thirsty? 2 so do not be afraid when the tempests rise against you; Scriptures have to be accomplished; happy are you who die in Me, the Lord! I shall indeed reward you;

1 Us.
2 Allusion to Rv. 7:9-17.