August 26, 1992

(Greece – Island of Simi – Panormiti)

(Panormiti is St. Michael.)

(I went and stayed four days on a small island called Panormiti. Only very few houses are there with a predominating Monastery and Church of St. Michael. His icon is human size all covered in silver. It is a miraculous icon. I felt called there, so I went to pray and ask St. Michael for his intercession.

Before leaving for Panormiti that morning at 8.00 am Jesus came to me in a dream-vision. He did not allow me to look at Him. He wanted me only to feel Him. He stood at my right side and just then He put His left Arm around my shoulder. Immediately I felt God’s warm consoling protection. My soul rejoiced! He allowed me to touch His left Hand which held me. I felt each of His Fingers. Then He allowed me to touch with my left hand His Heart, His Beard, then part of His Holy Face; every one of those seconds put my soul in an indescribable consolation, peace, joy and reassurance. He did not need to talk. His Presence so close to me was telling me everything. I AM is with me.)

(Later on that day.)

My Peace I give you;

be patient as I am patient; the Father loves you and has entrusted you with this mission; do not think that I am not aware of its weight; I am your Spouse who will provide you, 1 console you and remain faithful to you; you are the writing tablet of the Father and on this tablet the Father’s and My Hymn of Love is being written; do not assume that the Most High cannot find a way to carry out His Plan among your people; 2 He will come back to His Vineyard with Fire and make an end of the tenants who have been given freely His Vineyard and give it to others because they have not kept It but made a desolation out of It; I have been trying through the years to warn them by sending them My servants but they killed each one of them; 3 today in truth I tell you: “the stone which the builders rejected proved to be the keystone”; 4 today, My Holy Spirit of Grace is the cornerstone and anyone who falls on that stone will be dashed to pieces; anyone it falls on will be crushed;

I have given you all a strong warning: do not put Me to the test any more; and you, daughter, do not be surprised at the reluctance your people have; no prophet is ever accepted in his own country; were that possible then they would not have turned today into your enemy simply by having been truthful to them;

come, I bless you and your companions;

1 Jesus reminded me of the vision; His Presence.

2 To face the Orthodox in Greece and talk about Unity this summer was as if UNITY will never be. I felt very discouraged. God made me the ‘Go-between’, to bring everyone together. It is not easy.

3 Here I understood that God has been sending chosen souls with messages to them (the Greek priest, monks) but their incredulity ‘killed’ the Spirit.